Academy Charter - Crossmen's Official Charter Bus Company

As Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps leaves the state of Texas for our 2019 Summer Tour, we are excited to announce our great partnership with Academy Charter. With over 30 years of business, Academy Charter is recognized as one of the most experienced ground transportation companies in the charter bus industry today.

"We are extremely excited about working with Academy Charter," states Fred Morrison, Executive Director. "Valerie Rodriguez, Academy's Director of Operations, helped us significantly with our previous transportation provider. She is a reflection of how professional Academy Charter is. There is an absolute understanding of the demands of the drum corps world, which we have found has made this transition very easy and simple. We would absolutely recommend her to any corps, school or organization and we look forward to developing this long-term partnership!"

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Crossmen Announce New Partnership with Digital Performance Gear

Crossmen Productions is proud to join forces with Digital Performance Gear as the official Print and Merchandise Partner of The Crossmen! Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps and Crossmen Winds will utilize DPG as a premiere printing resource for flags, props, floors and tarps.

The Crossmen team has been developing this relationship since TMEA and Fred Morrison, Executive Director, expressed how excited he is to finally be able to show off what DPG and Crossmen have been working toward, "We have hit the ground running with DPG on all the guard flags, props and custom orders that will be sure to make the 2019 Crossmen Drum Corps something to truly remember. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with DPG and look forward to sharing their great work with the world!"

This Summer, stop by the Crossmen Souvie Booth for your NEW Crossmen t-shirts! Online sales will open soon! And be sure to visit the Crossmen this Summer at a show near you!

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Marching Music eXtravaganza! Educational Camps All Week!

Crossmen Productions Inc will host the 13th Annual Marching Music eXtravaganza! This event brings Texas’ best drum corps together for one night before the 2019 Drum Corps International summer competitive season. Participants include San Antonio Chamber Wind Ensemble, Genesis Drum Corps from, Austin, TX, and Houston's own Bayou City Blues Drum Corps.
The Crossmen will kick off the drum corps season by premiering their 2019 production, Valkyrie! 
Follow us on Facebook and let us know you're going to this year's MMX HERE!

Also look forward to some incredible performances by our Drum Major, Leadership & eXperience Day Campers! These Students will participate in one of Crossmen’s world class educational clinics throughout the week and will perform a number of newly learned routines alongside the Crossmen! Interested in signing up? Register ONLINE! For more information, Contact Maureen Morrison.
For more information and to purchase tickets online please visit

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Crossmen Seek Certified Athletic Trainer

Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps are seeking a certified athletic trainer to provide professional services for Summer 2019. Our student athletes include 155 brass, percussion and color guard performers ranging in the age group of 15-22.

Our ideal candidate must be quick on their feet and cool under pressure, successfully communicative with all teams, attentive to detail, and above all, be confident and able to provide quality medical care to help keep our student athletes on the field.
Starting rate at $900/month, DOE. This position is seasonal and will receive personal time off per request.

For more information CLICK HERE for the job description. Please send cover letters, resumes and any questions to Rico Gomez.

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Crossmen Productions Partner with Ultimate Drill Book

Crossmen Productions is excited to announce a new partnership with Ultimate Drill Book (UDB) for the 2019-2020 year. 

UDB technology will work in direct conjunction with our drill writing technology which can then be delivered instantly to our members’ phones using the UDB App. Additionally, UDB provides customized dot books with each members’ dots and notes printed uniquely for each individual.  

At April Camp this past weekend, Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps caption heads, staff and members were almost immediately immersed into the UDB technology. They were excited and ready and the results were pretty clear after the first visual block!

Looking forward, UDB will also support Crossmen Winds  with use of the UDB App and UDB Dot Books for the 2020 indoor season.

“The addition of Ultimate Drill Book for Crossmen Productions is an absolute no-brainer and a total value add-on for our staff and our members,” states Natalie Steele, Director of Development & Communications. “I look forward to seeing the results and sharing the impact UDB will make with our 2019-2020 Crossmen ensembles!”

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