Crossmen Productions announces 2019 Crossmen Drum Corps Brass Staff

Crossmen Productions is excited to announce the 2019 Crossmen Drum Corps Brass Staff!

Under the direction of fourth-year Caption Head, Steve Mason, the 2019 Crossmen Brass Staff is comprised of many returning instructional staff members with the addition of several veteran drum corps instructors. 

Read more about the 2019 Brass Staff by visiting their bios below!

The 2019 Audition season kicks off in just over a month! Register now for one of our six EXPERIENCE CAMPS at!

Stephen Mason
Brass Caption Head

Andrew Young
Assistant Caption Head

Van Mathews
Brass Consultant & Instruction

Jake Ball
Brass Instruction

Jacob Daniel
Brass Instruction

Ryan Flint
Brass Instruction

Adam Jatho
Brass Instruction

Sarah Jones
Brass Instruction

Abigail Lyon
Brass Instruction

Holly Maldonado
Brass Instruction

Bill Redd
Brass Instruction

Dylan Rolfe
Brass Instruction

Ted Tinker

Brass Instruction

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Crossmen Drum Corps Introduces the 2019 Percussion Staff!

Under the leadership of newly appointed Caption Head and third-year Crossmen staff member, Lane Summerlin, the 2019 Crossmen Drum Corps Percussion Staff is comprised of many returning staff members with a few new additions and Crossmen alumni to the team. 

Read more about the Percussion Staff by visiting their bios below!

The 2019 Audition season kicks off in just over a month! Register now for one of our six EXPERIENCE CAMPS at!

Lane Summerlin
Percussion Caption Head

Ryan Ellis
Battery Coordinator & Instruction

Drew Anderson
Battery Instruction

Christopher Baños
Battery Instruction

Michael Cavanaugh
Battery Instruction

Andre' Wilson
Battery Instruction

Samuel Wright
Battery Instruction

Lee Allman
Front Ensemble Instruction

Will Buetow
Front Ensemble Instruction

Eric Pujari
Front Ensemble Instruction

Dan Schmitt
Sound Engineer

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Crossmen announce the 2019 Color Guard Staff!

Crossmen Productions is excited to announce the 2019 Color Guard Staff! 

The team is under the leadership of caption head, Tyler Edrington, who is entering his 7th season in this staff leadership position. The color guard staff is comprised of several returning staff members with the addition of a few Crossmen alumni!

Read more about the 2019 Color Guard Staff by visiting their bios below! 

The Crossmen audition season kicks off in November with the 2019 Experience & Audition Camps! The Crossmen Color Guard will be fielding an all-female cast for 2019 and is looking for a number of strong female performers for next summer's production. For more information and to register visit our membership page at CROSSMEN.ORG/MEMBERSHIP

Stay tuned to our news section for more 2019 Staff announcements!

Tyler Edrington
Color Guard Caption Head/Choreographer

Molly Favret 
Caption Manager/Designer

Michael James

Brian Winn

Scott Toosley

Sarah Rillo

Kaysey Thompson

Jeleesa Levy

Ian Lewis

Christopher McCarthy

Robert Gallegos

Rachel  Montanez 

Jordan Fleming

Zane Franco

James Smith

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Crossmen announce 2019 Visual Staff!

Crossmen Productions is thrilled to announce the 2019 Visual Instructional Staff! Under the leadership of Visual Coordinator & Designer Andrew Ebert and Caption Head Blake Daughtrey, the Crossmen welcome the return of many visual instructors along with the addition of several new staff members! 

Read more about the 2019 Visual Team by visiting their bios below! 

The Crossmen audition season kicks off in November with the 2019 Experience & Audition Camps! For more information and to register visit our membership page at CROSSMEN.ORG/MEMBERSHIP

Stay tuned to our news section for more 2019 Staff announcements!

Andrew Ebert
Visual Coordinator

Blake Daughtrey
Visual Caption Head

Neil Adkison

Noah Bellamy


Kayla Cavano

Noah Dyer

Ben Firkus

Ashley Miller

Martin Montoya

Eric Perry

Taylor Rock

Kyle Swartz

Alex Szabo

Steven Tarmann

Marybeth Willey

Christine Ghinder

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Crossmen to Field an All-Female Color Guard for 2019!

For Immediate Release

After recent discussion in charting a course for the 2019 program, Crossmen will be fielding an all-female color guard this year.

The decision to cast an all-female guard for next season was made by the design team, which includes color guard caption head and designer, Tyler Edrington.  

“As a design team, we agreed that this would be the best decision for the production we are creating for the 2019 season,” said Tyler Edrington. “This year already, we are seeing a high return rate of our female performers, and annually have a strong female turn out during our audition season.”

Any males who were planning on returning from the 2018 season have been notified personally by Edrington of the decision. Those who have already registered to audition have received an email and will be refunded any fees that they may have already paid.

Crossmen is very thankful to have had so many talented male performers in the color guard program and plans to return to a co-ed cast when the program and timing are right.

The last time Crossmen fielded an all-female color guard was in the early 90’s.

If you are a female performer interested in auditioning for the 2019 Crossmen color guard, be sure to register for one of our many eXperience camps in November! You can find these dates and more information at

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Crossmen Productions welcomes Jeremy Spicer to the Design team for 2019!

Crossmen are pleased to announce the return of many design team members and the addition of Jeremy Spicer as a program consultant for the 2019 season.

“It is very exciting for the organization to have such a highly talented team return for another season," said Program Coordinator, Ed Devlin.

“Jeremy’s impact on the marching arts activity is very impressive," said Executive Director Fred Morrison. “We are glad to have him on the team and can’t wait to build upon our continued success as a finalist drum corps.”

Crossmen caption heads have been working to finalize their staff rosters for the next season and full caption announcements are expected in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more news from the Crossmen! The 2019 season kicks off in November with our Experience & Audition Camps. For more information and to register visit today!

2019 Design Team:

Ed Devlin, Program Coordinator

Andrew Markworth, Music Ensemble Arranger/Music Coordinator

Andrew Ebert, Visual Designer

Tyler Edrington, Color Guard Designer

Jaime Alvarez-Calderon, Program Consultant

Jeremy Spicer, Program Consultant

Brian ‘Bosco’ Brown, Program Consultant

Al Chez, Program Consultant

Molly Favret, Costuming and Graphic Design

Jeremy Spicer's Bio: 

Jeremy Spicer, a Magna cum Laude graduate from Texas State University is the owner of SASI – The Leadership People, LLC., a student leadership consulting firm focusing on in the empowerment of young leaders. SASI believes that students become empowered to succeed in their organization and their personal lives when they are properly equipped with a deeper knowledge and understanding of people, organizations, systems, and processes. Mr. Spicer is instrumental in the development and presentation of this concept to thousands of students across the nation.

Mr. Spicer is the former Director of Bands at Vandegrift High School. Vandegrift HS opened in the fall of 2009 with freshmen and sophomores and quickly experienced phenomenal growth and success. Through the focused effort of establishing a culture founded in mutual respect, hard work and excellence the program grew from less than 50 to nearly 225 in less than five years and was extremely successful in both the marching and concert arenas. The marching band was named the 2013 University Interscholastic League (UIL) 4A State Marching Band Champion. Additionally, the marching band was a consistent Class Champion (Class A, AA, and AAA) and Finalist in Bands of America (BOA) Regional Competitions. In 2013 the band was named AAA Class Champion placing 4th at the BOA Austin Regional and again AAA Class Champion placing 7th at the 2013 BOA San Antonio Super Regional where the band won the coveted Music Caption in Finals. The Concert Band program is the foundation and backbone of the music education program at Vandegrift. The Wind Ensemble placed third in the state at the 2013 Texas Music Educator's Association (TMEA) Honor Band Competition and was named a National Winner in the 2012 Mark of Excellence National Wind Band Honors Competition.

Prior to his appointment at Vandegrift, Mr. Spicer spent 10 years as a member of the staff at Cedar Park High School. While at Cedar Park he served as the Conductor of the Symphonic Winds and the Director of both the Marching and Jazz Ensembles. During his tenure at the marching band won numerous marching contests and was a consistent finalist at both the UIL State Marching Contest and Bands of America Regional and Super-Regional competitions. The marching band is the 2006 recipient of the Sudler Shield, an international award for marching excellence awarded by the John Philip Sousa Foundation. Under his direction, the Symphonic Winds never earned anything but a superior rating at the UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest.

Mr. Spicer has also been very active in DCI. He began his drum corps career playing mellophone in the Santa Clara Vanguard. Since his age out year, Mr. Spicer has been on the brass staffs of the Boston Crusaders, Carolina Crown, Southwind, and Santa Clara Vanguard. He has served in various capacities ranging from Brass Instructor to Assistant Brass Caption Head. Mr. Spicer is active in the United States as a clinician and adjudicator for Bands of America. His professional affiliations include Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Bandmasters Association, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. He lives in Cedar Park with his beautiful wife Elizabeth, precious daughter, Coral Amber, and their handsome son, Aiden Joseph.

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