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Crossmen Safety and Policy Manual

Crossmen Productions is committed to creating and maintaining a positive, educational and healthy atmosphere for every individual who participates in our programs including, but not limited to, Members, Staff, Volunteers and Employees.  Crossmen takes harassment and misconduct of any form extremely serious and is continuously working to ensure the very best practices are in place for everyone involved in our organization.

The following are our policies to cover key topics.  Each Member, Staff, Employee and Board Member has agreed to follow these policies and they are part of our overall Code of Conduct.   We are a constantly learning and improving organization therefore these policies will be updated as needed.  
Your feedback is welcomed.

Background Check Policy & Process >
Equal Employment Opportunity & Non-Discrimination Policy >
Fraternization Policy >
Hazing Policy & FAQs >
Media Relations Policy >
Sexual Abuse Policy >
Sexual and Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Policy >
Member Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Policy >
Staff and Volunteer Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Policy >
Ethics Reporting & Anti-Retaliation Policy >
Participant Safety and Behavior Policy >
Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Expansive Students Policy >


Crossmen Productions takes our Ethics Reporting Policy seriously.
If you have a concern, report or inquiry to submit, please use this form below or email us at
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