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Start Planning for 2024 Crossmen Membership!

Questions on 2024?   email us at

Registration for 2024 Crossmen is now open!

The 2023 Crossmen is still looking for good people to fill our remaining spots!

1. Register to get your packet & Info

---   When you register, you will receive your audition packet.  It contains all the information on music, skills and the details of the audition process.   It also gives you access to tools like eXtra help videos from the Brass instructors, Cymbal technique videos etc.  
---   By registering, you will receive all the information on the path to be a 2024 Crossmen including camp information, sign ups, regular updates etc.
---  Registration is $99
--- Drum Majors, see below (this registration is not for you)

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2. Audition and eXperience Camps

After you have registered, you have multiple options on how to Audition:   One-day camps ($99), weekend camps ($149) & Video Auditions ($75)

You will have the opportunity to attend eXperience Camps that occur in November and December in various locations across Texas.   eXperience Camps are designed for students that want to learn, have fun and grow.  You do not have to audition.    eXperience Camps also were you can audition for an invitation to the Jan Call-Band Camp (Brass, Percussion).  A few students will receive contact offers at eXperience Camps.

Guard:  the primary camp for auditions and contracts is the Dec 15-17 Camp.  Guard students are encouraged to go to a one-day experience camp before the Dec 15-17 camp to get the know the instructors.

Video Auditions are also available for those who cannot make an in-person camp. 

Sign up for Camps and Video auditions will be available soon.  

Houston eXperience Camp

Saturday   Nov 11th
One day camp   Galena Park HS
Brass, Percussion and Guard (no drum major)

Sign up for Houston here>

Austin eXperience Camp

Saturday Nov 18th
One day camp  Lehman HS
Brass, Percussion and Guard

Sign up for Austin here>

DFW eXperience Camp

Sunday  Dec 3rd
One Day Camp.  Creekview HS
Brass, Percussion and Guard

Sign up for DFW here>

Weekend eXperience Camp - Austin Texas

Friday - Sunday Dec 15-17
weekend camp - Del Valle HS
Brass, Percussion and Guard
Guard: This is the primary Audition camp for 2024 (there is no Call-Back camp for Guard in January)

Sign up here for the Weekend eXperience Camp

3. Contracts, January Call Back Camp, and Video

Contracts will primarily be awarded during the December camp and from Video Auditions.

Brass and Percussion:  
Contract will be award primarily at the Jan Call Back Camp  

Contact to get more info.

2024 Drum Major eXperience Camp & Auditions

Drum Majors can now sign up for the December Drum Major eXperience and Audition Camp.  If you would like to learn, grow your skills and meet other Drum Majors, this is a great chance for you (you do not have to audition). Our staff includes former drum majors and band directors that will work with you. If you would like to audition, this camp is your first step towards the 2024 Crossmen!    If you have any questions, please contact us at and sign up on the interest form below.

Register Now for Drum Major Camp! >

2024 overall Audition Timeline

August - December 2023

1. Register:  Get your audition packets and more info on the audition process
2. Audition:   Pick one or more options --  eXperience & Audition camps in November and/or Video Audition

An eXperience & Audition Camp is either a 3-day (Friday evening - Sunday afternoon)  or one-day camp.  These camp enable students who are just looking to learn and have the drum corps eXperience as well as those that would like to audition.  

eXperience & Audition camps will be in November &  December. 
Drum Major Camp is typically in December  

--  We typically have eXperience Camps in Houston, Allentown PA (Brass), DFW, Austin, San Antonio and Ohio (Cymbals).   A few contracts will be award at these, as well as invites to the Camp in January

--  During December there will be an Audition Camp.  Some contracts will be awarded at this time as well as invites to the January Camp..  This is the Guard's last in-person camp of the audition process (they do not have a January camp)

January 2024

Guard:   Video audition for remaining Spots

Brass and Percussion:  Contract will be award primarily at the Jan Camp.  Videos are still open for remaining spots.   

Full Corps:  start the physical fitness program

February - March 2024

Video Auditions for any remaining spots.

Brass will have an in-person camp February as well as video sessions in February and March.  

Percussion will have video sessions.  

Guard:  increase your skills in your respective winter guards

All Captions have weekly assignments and physical fitness programs.

April 2024

April--  All Caption in-person Camp 

May 2024


Other Info:

DCI's age limit is 21 years of age with one exception. Corps members who turn 22 on or after June 1 are eligible to march during that year. Minimum age is typically 16 years of age (we did have a couple 15 year old last season).   In 2022 our average age was 19 years of age.

Crossmen is made up of members from all over the world.  In 2023, Crossmen members came from 27 states and 2 countries.

Crossmen is a fully vaccinated Corps

How do I get an audition package?   Register today and get your audition packet.

How do I sign up for an eXperience camp?   Sign up on the interest form above and we will send you more information when it is available

Instruments:  For camps you bring your own (or your schools) instrument.  In the spring, we will have brand new Yamaha instruments for you!    Tubas can bring a sousaphone if you do not have access to a marching tuba.

One Day camps typically start at 8pm and end at 6pm

Weekend camps typically start around 5pm on Friday and are typically done by 3pm on Sunday.

If you would like more info or have questions, please email