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2024 Guard Easy-Video Auditions

We are filling our last Guard spots!

We are looking for few more outstanding performers to complete our 50th Anniversary Guard!

Send us a video!  Use work you already know, use a video you already have!

A video of flag, weapon and movement would be ideal to see

Send us a video or ask Questions:

Either email us the video at

or Register and Upload


Register for the Crossmen (free)

Then sign up for the video audition (free) and upload

2024 Audition Status


Our 2024 Brass line is full.

Watch for 2025 information in July!


Complete an Easy-Video audition to become a member. Use any video you already have.

We still have some Guard spots open!

Register for the Crossmen and then sign up for an Easy-Video audition below.



Our 2024 Percussion line is Full

Watch for 2025 information in July

  • Am I eligible to march?
    DCI's age limit is 21 years of age with one exception. Corps members who turn 22 on or after June 1 are eligible to march during that year. Most members of the drum corps are 16 and older, but several 15 year old's do earn positions each year!
  • Can I audition for Drum Major?
    Yes! Drum Majors can now sign up for the December Drum Major eXperience and Audition Camp. If you would like to learn, grow your skills and meet other drum majors, this is a great chance for you as you do not have to audition. Our staff includes former drum majors and band directors that will work with you. If you would like to audition, this camp is your first step towards the 2024 Crossmen! Sign up for the Drum Major eXperience Camp here.
  • Can I send in a video audition?
    Yes! While attending an eXperience camp is the best way to meet and learn from our staff we are happy to accept virtual auditions!
  • What if I march winter guard?
    Marching winter guard is not an issue, in fact most of our guard members participate in a winter program. The guard is only required to attend to our December camp and May camp.
  • Does the corps provide housing or meals for members?
    Housing and meals are provided for all overnight audition camps as well as spring training and tour. A typical 3 day audition camp will start around 5 pm on Friday evening and typically end by3 pm on Sunday. Site housing will be provided Friday and Saturday with all meals provided starting from snack on Friday night to breakfast on Sunday.
  • What if my school ends after spring training begins?
    Every year we have members who have conflicts between school and the drum corps. We ask that you communicate with the corps director and your caption manager about any conflicts you may have with the audition process or spring training. We are happy to reach out to your school in regards to proctoring exams, taking exams early or other accommodations you might need. We have had many members who are in the same situation as you and they have made it work so they were able to fulfill their school and corps responsibilities.
  • Do I need to bring an instrument?
    If you are able, please bring your own (or your schools) instrument to use. Tubas may bring a sousaphone if you do not have access to a marching tuba.
  • What if I am flying to camp? Are shuttles provided?
    The Crossmen will typically provide ground transportation to and from the closest airport to the camp housing site.
  • Do I need to be vaccinated?
    Yes, or receive an exception. Please email if you need an exception. Our overall goal is to reduce the risk of a mass spreading event and reduce the impact of illnesses. The Drum Corps environment of long bus rides, sleeping in gyms and continuous close contact requires that we take steps to reduce the risk of a spreading and illness event that will impact the overall member experience and the Corps. For contracted members, volunteers and staff: Before arrival at Spring Training each participant will need to have had an updated (2023 - 2024 formulation) COVID19 vaccine sometime between September 1, 2023 and May 15, 2024 or receive an exception.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Please email

Frequently Asked Questions

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