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 We need you to be the driving force behind the Crossmen. Each year, we rely on volunteers to help the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps function at the highest level. Quite simply, we cannot do it without you! Whether you give one day or one month, volunteers are the backbone of non-profit organizations worldwide. Volunteers at camps and during tour keep our team fed, the equipment ready and the corps at the right place at the right time, prepared and fit to perform at their best.

If you cannot travel with us, we also offer opportunities for you to help us from the comfort of your home. To keep an organization the size of the Crossmen operational, we need an army of people working in the background.  

Your time, skills and resources allow corps members to have the experience of a lifetime. In turn you build great new friendships with each other, the staff, members and alumni of the corps.

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Food Prep & Service

No Cooking Experience Necessary

Crossmen Food Services prepare four meals a day for approximately 215 marching members, staff, administration, and volunteers during spring training and tour. During spring training we focus on preparation so that each meal is served on time. Once on Tour, mealtimes are varied, depending on  the daily schedule at each housing/rehearsal site and show. 

Airport Shuttles

We always have volunteers and staff departing and arriving from our practice site's. We can use help with shuttling our staff, volunteers and members to/from the airport. On tour, we occasionally need to take members to a local clinic or we need someone to help run errands. Volunteer drivers are integral to our operation to keep the corps up and running without disruption.


No Sewing Experience Necessary


At camps beginning in January, we spend time fitting members for uniforms, maintaining our inventory, and altering uniforms. Most of the work does not even require sewing skills.


Spring Training & Tour

For the last two weeks of Spring Training, we have a high demand for volunteers who can measure, pin, sew and alter uniforms for all members of the corps. While on tour, we need volunteers that can perform minor alterations, and touch up uniforms and props (if applicable) before each show. Washing the uniforms is necessary every 1-2 weeks and requires many hands to help.

Merchandise Sales

We are always looking for help with counting, folding and organizing our souvie booth during spring training! While on tour, we are looking for Volunteers who are great with handling money and work well in high pressure situations. We are looking for volunteers to join us on the road and sell our merch!

Equipment Projects/Repairs/Craftsmen

The Crossmen almost always have room for improvement on our trailers and equipment. If you are skilled at working with wood, metal (welding), or electricity, we would love to have you help the corps with repairs and updates.

Remote Help

We also offer opportunities for you to help us from the comfort of your home! To keep an organization the size of the Crossmen operational, we need an army of people working in the background.


To operate an organization the size of Crossmen, we need funding. We need volunteers who are willing to coordinate and/or manage a fundraising project, or be a contributing team member.

Grant Writing

There are many grants available to nonprofits. We need to identify opportunities that match our mission, and then apply. If you have experience in grant writing, help us find and apply for grants to grow our program!

Data and Admin Services

From time to time, we can use help to keep our data bases up to date. This can include updating our merchandizing inventory, corps statistics, or contact data bases.

Marketing and PR

We can always use help to keep Crossmen in the news and on social media. We support both the Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps as well as SACWE our community wind ensemble. We are also developing community outreach programs.

Where do volunteers stay overnight?

We always designate a separate “Volunteer Sleeping Room” at every site where we stay.

Camps & Spring Training

Please bring sleeping gear and an air bed to set up in this sleeping room for the time you will be spending with us. Showers are also provided at the school and meals are free from the Crossmen food truck. This arrangement is the most fun for the volunteers, it gives you a taste of the drum corps lifestyle, as well as a way to get to know the staff, members, and what the corps is accomplishing in rehearsal.


We do our best to provide you as much personal time as possible. Please understand that a good amount of your sleeping time while on the road will be spent on the road in a tour bus for volunteers.

Volunteers sometimes stay locally with family, friends or at a hotel during an audition or rehearsal camp. If you live nearby or will be staying off-site, you can still help during the weekend. Just let us know when you are available, and we will be happy to set you up with a few specific hours of work when we know we can use your help!

Thank You

On behalf of the entire organization THANK YOU for being a part of the Crossmen Volunteer Program! For more information or to sign up please click the button below to fill out the form. As always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions by sending us an email at We look forward to sharing in this enriching experience with you and hope to see you at a Crossmen rehearsal or event soon!

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