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Shayla Smith


Shayla Smith

Shayla Smith is an accomplished visual educator with a deep passion for the art of marching and movement. With over 5 years of experience in the world of Drum Corps International, Shayla has dedicated her career to refining and elevating the visual performance of our corps.

She is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Music Education and has an impressive background in choreography and dance . Her creative vision and attention to detail have earned our corps numerous accolades in the DCI circuit.

Shayla’s teaching philosophy revolves around discipline, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence. She takes pride in mentoring young performers, helping them develop into skilled and confident marchers.

Beyond her dedication to the marching arts, Shayla enjoys any outdoors activity, spontaneous trips, and quality time with friends Her commitment to our ensemble's success is unwavering, and she looks forward to another season of pushing the boundaries of visual excellence.

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