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Jordin Anderson-Parks


Jordin Anderson-Parks

Born and raised in Southern California, Jordin Anderson-Parks has been involved in the performing arts

since she was in Junior High. In 7th grade she joined her first colorguard team for Magnolia Junior High

School in Chino, California. This experience ignited her passion for colorguard and she continue on

performing through High School.

In 9th grade, she joined Chino High School’s 77th Calvary a 6A SCSBOA Gold Medalist School from Chino,

California. While performing with her high School she won 3 6A SCSBOA Gold Medals and 1 Silver medal

during their field show season. During the winter season she developed her skills further while being a

member of their Scholastic Open Winterguard team during her 9th grade year. From 10th

- 12th grade

Jordin expanded her skills while being a member of Chino High Schools Scholastic World Guard winter

guard team. She had the honor of being named on the World Guard captains during her Senior year.

Jordin’s love and passion for colorguard deepened throughout high school.

Once Jordin graduated high school she auditioned for Fantasia Winterguard in 2014 and made the team

at 18 years old. She continued her world class career performing with Fantasia Winterguard for the

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 virtual season studying under Tim Mikan, Ashley Mikan,

Robby Jacobson, Jose Pena, and Chris Velez. During the 2019 and 2020 season Jordin was named one of

the Captains for the World Class Organization.

While being a performer with Fantasia Winterguard, Jordin also expanded her horizons and instructed

various High School Colorguard groups in California. Some of the school’s she has instructed at are Chino

High School, San Marino High School, Rowland High School, and South Hills High School. Jordin is very

excited to be signing on with the Crossmen team and looking forward to working alongside some

amazing individuals with in the colorguard community.

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