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Creating tomorrow’s leaders today

through youth development in the performing arts

We enable life changing experiences that teach our core values of 
Excellence, Perseverance, Teamwork, and Character


- We commit to world-class excellence in everything we do.
- We strive to be better each day, raising the bar of our individual and collective abilities.
- We embrace feedback and are self-aware in our unending commitment to improve. 


- We know that growth comes from difficult challenges.  We embrace these challenges with tenacity, grit and determination to succeed.
- Our strong work ethic enables us to push beyond current expectations and achieve a level of results we could not initially imagine.
- We expect obstacles, unexpected disruptions, and adversity on our path to excellence.  We act with perseverance to recover quickly and overcome any barrier.


- We value that our success happens as a single team, unified and strong.  Unity:  Out of many, One
- We are willing to personally sacrifice for the group’s benefit to achieve a result that is greater than any single individual.
- We develop lifelong friendships as we collaborate, show empathy, embrace differences, have fun and demonstrate mutual respect for every individual.
- We are a family that learns the value of community, and discovers the power of working with others, for others.


- We have the courage to act with high character at all times, and question those who do not.
- We are self-sufficient, responsible, make good personal decisions and take pride in representing the Crossmen through all of our actions.
- We add value to every interaction we have and leave things better than we found them.
- We work to Earn the Trust of our fellow members and staff each day.

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In October of 1974, the 507 Hornets and Keystone Regiment merged in the outskirts of Pennsylvania to form what is now Crossmen. Since then, Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps have grown to become a perennial Drum Corps International (DCI) World Champion Finalist, reaching DCI Finals 29 times in the corps’ over 40-year history.

In the fall of 2006, Crossmen moved operations to San Antonio from our former home in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Crossmen have served thousands of students throughout its history, providing not only music education, but also life-lessons to carry with them as they leave the world of drum corps to pursue their careers.

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