Staff Visual Diego Chavez

Diego Chavez


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Diego is one of his three siblings. He grew up loving art and music, but never pursued it himself until he was in middle school, where he joined the band. That was the beginning of his tangible relationship with the fine arts, considering he pursued music until his freshman year of college. 

Beginning in 2014, Diego has spent his summers touring the United States with the Crossmen. These long, hot, and tiring days have helped to shape Diego’s character and assisted in defining his values and character. In 2018, he had to opportunity to be in the position of Horn Sergeant, a leadership position that would require him to be a strong headed leader that would help shape the culture of the Drum Corps. The 2019 season will be his last, giving him one last shot to help create the best future for the organization that he can. He has earned awards and scholarships from marching drum corps. 

Looking forward, becoming an educator in the marching arts is a huge goal, one which he looks to excel at to the best of his ability. Diego has also worked with band programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as both a visual tech and choreographer, but looks most forward to working with the Crossmen.