Robby & Charlotte Robinson Scholarship

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Forty-eight years ago, in a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia, a unity was formed between two groups that would go on to define the lives of hundreds of young men and women. At the forefront of this alliance stood two people that would define the organization for years to come: Robby Robinson and his wife, Charlotte.

Today, as we celebrate the marching arts and look towards the future, we reflect on the hard work, dedication, and heart of the two people that made us the organization we are today. In their memory, the Crossmen Alumni Association established the “Robby & Charlotte Robinson Scholarship Fund” to support student participation in the Crossmen.

To all whose lives have been enriched by the marching arts - both inside the Crossmen organization and out - if you are in a place where you can support the journey of a young person today, we invite you to make a donation of any size and share in the memory of Robby and Charlotte.