$20 a month from 600 people will enable the next generation

Expenses have gone up dramatically, outpacing our revenue growth and requiring new approaches.

Buses, housing and fuel costs have doubled since 2019. Our biggest expenses have increased 40% in just the last 4 months. In parallel, donation revenue has declined and been unpredictable due to the lack of a focused effort and structure.

To ensure long-term stability, we are cutting costs everywhere we can and changing approaches in some areas to ensure a great member experience. To keep member fees as low as possible, we also need a sustained approach to giving.   Club Unity will provide a more structured way to enable the experience of a lifetime.

Your help is needed to enable the next generation students to have the life-changing experience of a Crossmen summer.   Help create the leaders of tomorrow today!

$20 a month from 600 people will provide a sustained long-term foundation to enable the experience of a lifetime for these students!

Please help Back the next-gen Bones! 

Thank you to our Club Unity members!



David Borland
Mike Hardiek
Ronald McAdams
Veronica Plousis



Jamie Bennett
DIane Denesowicz
Joanne Denslow
Cole Chandler
Jean Lyman
Christopher Morris
Dr. Patricia O'Neill
Ryan Pearson



Megan Chrisman
George Dube
Matthew Mingle
Phillip Nathan in memory of Joe Kempf
George Nelson

William Patrick
Josh Sears
Joe Shively
Melanie Simon
Donald Stockley
Pete & Melanie Simon


Patricia Adams
Todd Ayers
Geoffrey Baldwin
Dawn Ball
Donna Batchelor
Karen Brennecke
in honor of Steve Canard
Lisa Canter
Paul Cooper
Stephen Coulture
Grant Davis
Rowan Derrick
Laura Donall
Stacey Downs
Tiago Forin
Alexander Goddard
Rico Gomez
Brian & Marie Green

Don Group
Marshall Hallam
Melissa Heckman
Jason Hess
Tyler Hines
Nicole Holland
Kimberly Jones
Patricia Kauffman
Leighann Keegan
Robert Levengood
Scott Litzenberg
Chris Lyman
Sharon MacDermaid
Robert Mazierski
Samuel McBoom
Maureen Morrison
Keri Needham

Todd Omohundro
Robert & Barbara Reed
Donna Reedy
Kim Robinson
Rob Robinson
Gregg Rosenfeld
Jaimie Russell
Doug & Denita Stemet
Tim Stephenson
Lisa Timson
Hector Vazquez
Stephen White
Judy Zimbardi


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Crossmen, The Corps that built me

In 2023 the Crossmen Drum and Bugle corps will be entering our 49th Season.  Once again, we will be providing young performers the opportunity to be part of the corps that will help build them for their future, as it has for thousands in our past. 

The Crossmen experience is life changing. Our members learn to be part of something bigger than themselves, to push themselves to new heights toward a shared goal and become part of a lifelong family.

It is only with the support of our alumni, fans and community that we are able to make this happen.

Please consider supporting the Crossmen with a recurring donation that will ensure the corps, that builds great people, will continue to provide this amazing experience, this year and beyond.