Most parents who are not familiar with drum corps may have many questions about Crossmen activities. We are here to reassure every parent that your child(ren) will have an experience of a lifetime at Crossmen! The summer will be hot, challenging and full of long days and hard work, however, the end result and immense growth of your child will be remarkable.


Once provided a contract (typically done in December and/or January), members are required to go to all rehearsal camps. The schedule is posted on our Member Corner.

Crossmen begin everyday rehearsals or “Spring Training” in mid-May in San Antonio, Texas. Their first competition is usually held in mid-June and concludes in mid-August at the Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana (Lucas Oil Stadium).

A typical rehearsal day consists of about 10-14 hours of practice, particularly during Spring Training. Once on tour, for a performance day, we average 6-8 hours of rehearsal.

We make sure the members are able to take advantage of free time as we travel across the country. Every 14-16 days, members are given time to do their laundry.

For more information on our summer tour, please visit our page about tour information.



All members are allowed to bring their cell phones on tour if they choose. We ask that they use them only during their off time, after rehearsal. We understand that sometimes, your child may not reach you immediately after you call or text them. Please give them time to reach out to you - we guarantee they're either busy or sleeping! If you must reach them in an emergency, please do not hesitate to reach out to any administrator (see Parent Handbook).

Throughout the summer, the corps will provide a few mail drops around the country. This is an opportunity to send your child a care package and also for them to write a letter back. Information on mail drops is posted as the summer progresses. If you are near a Crossmen tour location and are interested in volunteering to receive mail for the corps, please CONTACT US.


At the Crossmen Drum Corps, the safety and well-being of each individual is always a priority.

Injury & Illness
During the summer, the corps employs a certified athletic trainer to administer care to any injured performers. They work closely with local doctors during Spring Training and always provide up-to-date information to the administration as well as to the individual member so they can report back to you. When on tour, if our trainer feels a member needs to visit a doctor, our administrative team will make arrangements and transport them to a local office for proper care. We ask for copies of all necessary medical information and insurance during the registration and audition process so we can have it on the road with us, if necessary.

Dietary needs
We record all member dietary needs and allergies during the winter camps. With this information, we do our best to prepare meals that fit their diet. If you have a member who has a special dietary need, and know of any affordable and easy recipes, please make sure to contact our kitchen staff at the beginning of the summer.

Emergency situations
All Crossmen staff, student leaders, and administration are taught and given information on how to handle every type of emergency situation that might occur on the road. In case of a medical emergency, all of the medical and guardian contact information for our members is kept by the administrative team. Parents are contacted immediately in case of an emergency, but know your child is in good hands. We also list the emergency contacts that are on tour in case of a situation at home and your child needs to be reached.

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All Crossmen rehearsals are open to the public, unless otherwise stated. Come enjoy visiting the corps and spend time with your child after a performance or during a meal break. When visiting the corps, realize that the gym sleeping area and vehicles are the performers’ “home". We ask that all parents and visitors please stay out of these areas as a courtesy to our other members and staff.

We ask that all recording of rehearsals are LIMITE. If you do any video recording, it CANNOT be posted publicly on any social media or new media platform. Our music, drill, movement and props are owned and copywritten and we do not want anyone to infringe upon the law. Additionally, a lot of our work is not public until much later in the Summer. Please help us by not leaking and show details.

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Our summer tour operations rely heavily volunteers, known as the “151s,” to help feed the corps and get them down the road. The volunteers are considered our 151st member and a crucial part of the organization. Almost all of our volunteers are parents or former parents of a corps member. To sign up to volunteer during the summer or camps, or for more information, please visit our volunteer page.