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A typical drum corps season begins in mid-May, while the first competition of the season is usually held in mid to late June. During these four weeks prior to the corps' first competition, they are housed at Blossom Athletic Center in San Antonio, TX for what we call Spring Training.

During Spring Training, the corps will learn and prepare the production for the season. Every minute of these four weeks is incredibly valuable, as this is when 155 talented individuals, from different parts of the country and the world become ONE World Class cohesive unit.


Crossmen travel about 12,000-15,000 miles and have up to 30 performances each summer.
FUN FACT: Crossmen's numbers are almost ALWAYS more when compared to the summer tour of a national recording artist!

Our schedule is typically released just a few months before tour and is always subject to change. What is great about being located in San Antonio, TX is that our summer tour has the potential to change every year. Being centralized creates the possibility of doing a west coast, east coast, or midwest tour depending on the demands of the Drum Corps International (DCI) schedule. This is uncommon for most corps as they usually stick to the same schedule every year.

The corps typically travels at night and utilizes an eleven-vehicle convoy. Our convoy consist of four charter buses, two semi-trailers, one box truck with a trailer, one prop truck, one RV, one pick up with a trailer, and one 15-passenger van.

Our members and instructional staff travel separately in the charter buses provided by Academy Charters. One semi-trailer transports our uniforms and equipment while the second transports our mobile kitchen that is used to prepare all of the meals for the corps. Our RV is considered the corps' mobile offices which also transports our administrative team. Our van and pick up are used for volunteer travel. The box truck and trailer is what the merchandise team uses to get down the road.

We believe the safety of the membership and staff is very important and only hire the best drivers to do the job and abide by all the rules of the road. We have a world class fleet that is maintained properly throughout the summer. While our big-rig driving positions are paid positions, we depend GREATLY on volunteer drivers for the RV, van, prop truck, pick-up truck and box truck vehicles during the summer. If you are interested, please visit our volunteer page for more information!

We know the hard work all of our members, staff, and volunteers put in every day, so the organization feels it is very important to take a few days off. At Crossmen, we make sure all members have a bit of free time and try to plan a "free day" or two without rehearsal in a major city for all to enjoy.


Just like in the winter rehearsal camps, the corps sleeps mostly in the gym or auditorium area of various high schools and middle schools. If you are a fan, parent, or alum who works for a high school near a performance location and are interested to know more about housing the Crossmen Drum Corps, please contact the local show coordinator as well as our Volunteer Coordinator.

The Crossmen food truck is a mobile kitchen that provides the members, staff, and volunteers four meals a day (up to 230 mouths to feed four times a day, every day!!). Our food truck relies heavily on the generous work of parents, alumni, and volunteers. If you are interested in helping the corps on their food truck please make sure to visit our volunteer page.

Still have a questions about a summer on the road?  Make sure to visit our FAQ page or contact us.