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2023 Crossmen

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Below is a description of the Audition Timeline

July - September 2022

Register for an audition packet and learn more about the audition process.  You will also register for in-person eXperience Camp and/or a video audition in October - November.  Begin preparing your skills and music!

October - November 2022

Attend an eXeprience Camp.  They are typically Friday evening - Sunday afternoon camps or one-day camps.  Last year we had camps in DFW, Austin, Houston and Corpus Christi.  You can also submit a video audition during this timeframe.

December 2022

You will attend an Audition Camp.

January 2023

Based on your Audition Camp, you will be invited to a Call Back Camp where contract decisions for the 2023 Crossmen are made.

February - April 2023

There are typically 2-3 Brass Camps during this time.  Percussion and Brass meet through zoom.  All Captions have weekly assignments.

end of April - early May 2023

Friday evening to Sunday afternoon - All Caption in-person Camp and final Guard auditions.

Mid-late May 2023

2023 Move-in!

Other Info:

DCI's age limit is 21 years of age with one exception. Corps members who turn 22 on or after June 1 are eligible to march during that year. Minimum age is typically 16 years of age (we did have a couple 15 year old last season).   In 2022 our average age was 19 years of age.

Crossmen is made up of members from all over the world.  In 2022, Crossmen members came from 23 states and 3 countries.

Crossmen is a fully vaccinated Corps

How do I get an audition package?  Sign up on the interest form above and we will send you more information when it is available

How do I sign up for an eXperience camp?   Sign up on the interest form above and we will send you more information when it is available

If you would like more info or have questions, please email