Crossmen launch capital campaign for a new equipment trailer!  

In 2004, the Crossmen acquired a 1987 Great Dane 48-foot trailer that had likely been previously used as a moving trailer. At the time, the now 30-year old trailer worked out perfectly for the corps. It hauled all of the necessary instruments, uniforms, and color guard equipment with ease!

Over the last 12 years, the Crossmen and the drum corps activity have changed in many aspects to provide the best educational and entertainment experience to fans and performers all across the country. The corps has grown from 135 members to 150, and with it, the ensembles' needs have changed. Additional uniforms, tubas, speakers, and front ensemble equipment added to the trailer has left us in dire need of more space.

During the 2016 season, in addition to the equipment trailer, a separate 20-foot enclosed trailer was utilized for props, guard equipment, field paint, and front ensemble equipment. An 8-foot enclosed trailer was also utilized to haul the corps scaffolding, tools, accessories, and additional field lining supplies. 

It's time for a change! 

After 13 seasons of use, the Crossmen are in need of a new equipment trailer that will safely and efficiently serve the corps!

For the 2017 season, the Crossmen plan on purchasing a specially designed 53-foot trailer that could last the next 30 years! The trailer will be a high cube trailer that will be low to the ground so members can simply step onto the truck without the aid of a separate staircase. The bottom floor will be 6 inches off the ground and have multiple entrance and exit points to help with traffic flow and the loading and unloading process.

The current proposed design will have the front ensemble equipment stored on the top floor using a rear door rail lift to move instruments from the ground level to the top deck. 

The trailer will be built from the ground up by Kentucky Trailer in Louisville, KY and delivered to San Antonio, TX for the interior layout to be built. 

Features & Upgrades:

  • Lowered ground floor to improve traffic flow and the loading/unloading process.
  • Rear door rail lift to move front ensemble equipment for storage on the second floor.
  • Trailer length upgraded from 48 feet to 53 feet for additional storage. 
  • Dedicated generator mounted on the nose of truck to be used for night loading, unloading, and as a power source for the corps.
  • Charging and storage bay for the corps' Long Ranger rehearsal speakers. 
  • Dedicated storage space for percussion and color guard accessories and equipment.
  • Improved uniform storage with better airflow to help with air drying after a performance. 
  • Dedicated storage for field paint, field lining equipment, and other daily tools and accessories that will help free up storage space in the corps' other trailers.
  • Safer layout that eliminates the use of multiple staircases. 
  • Upgraded LED lighting throughout the truck. 

*Artist rendering, design and model not finalized. 

We need your help!

In order to make sure the members of the Crossmen have a safe, reliable, and world-class experience, we need your help!

The current estimated cost for a new equipment trailer of this size and scope is $100,000 and it will have a lifespan that doubles our current trailer. This trailer can be utilized for the next 30 years!

Through the generosity of multiple donors, we have already secured many matching donations, will you step up to the challenge?
Take advantage of our donations incentives in the chart listed below and donate today!

Whether you donate $10 or $1,000, your contribution will help make a difference in the lives of young performers for decades to come! 


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