Tim Scott - Percussion Instruction

Tim Scott has been involved with the marching arts since 2007 both performing and instructing. He has previously worked with Bellbrook High School and Sycamore High School serving as a battery technician for their marching band programs. Tim also traveled to Japan with Carolina Crown in 2014 for several clinics and performances for young percussionists from all over Japan. In 2016 he worked with the Colts as the quad technician. He works as a canine behaviorist when back home in Long Island, New York.
Tim has performed with many drum corps including Bushwackers, Sunrisers, Fusion, 
Buccaneers, and Carolina Crown. He was also a member of United Percussion, and the 2015 WGI silver-medalists, Rhythm X where he would also spend his age-out season in 2016.
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