On2 Percussion Founder & Crossmen Reconnect


To thematically enhance the look of their drums, the Crossmen drumline is sporting ON2 Percussion Drum Slips this season. "Combined with a new look FJM uniform for the Crossmen, the matching drum slips complete the look for our 40th DCI production", reported Crossmen Director, Fred Morrison. In case you are not familiar with this new product, Drum Slips are precut nonpermanent wraps for specific marching percussion instruments that allow you to instantly change the design and appearance of a drum without removing any hardware. Drum Slips are interchangeable and do not adhere to the drum. The corps' Yamaha drums are wearing a custom Drum Slip design thanks to a creative collaboration between the corps' visual team and ON2's design team. The crimson patterns give the drums the perfect "gypsy" touch as the group dazzles the crowds with their 2014 show "Alma Gitana – A Gypsy Soul". ON2 was even able to place the Yamaha logo within the design.This has been an extra special experience for ON2 Percussion as its founder, Cassidy Byars. Cassidy attended Crossmen eXperience camps many years ago and has been heavily influenced throughout his career by the corps. "We are truly honored to be working with Crossmen and are so thankful that our paths have "crossed" again and that we have now come full circle with our relationship," says Byars. "We are very pleased to reconnect with Cassidy and are proud to represent him and his company's great product on the DCI stage", stated Morrison. "It is an amazing story."

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