2014 Crossmen Instructional Staff Roster Complete

Crossmen announced the final instructional staff additions to all captions for 2014.  Comprised of some of the finest instructors from the State of Texas and throughout the United States, many of these individuals have been hard at work during the Crossmen eXperience Camps already taking place. CLICK HERE  to read more!

Crossmen Thank Joe Banegas for Years of Service

Crossmen announced that Joseph Banegas has stepped down as the Assistant Corps Director for the organization after 7 years on the Administrative team. CLICK HERE  to read more!

Crossmen 2014 Brass Staff Announced 

Crossmen announced the first additions to the 2014 brass staff led by Anthony Cruddas. DCI Hall of Fame Member Frank Williams will join the team as a consultant in addition to Dennis Laorenza. CLICK HERE  to read more!

Crossmen Announce 2014 Percussion Arranger

Crossmen have completed the hiring of the design team with the announcement of the percussion arranger. Click Here to find out who is writing for Bones in 2014!

Crossmen Announce 2014 Color Guard Caption Head

Crossmen announced this week that Tyler Edrington, Assistant Caption Head in 2013, would take over the role as Caption Head in 2014. “Based on... Click here to read on!

2014 Visual, Brass, and Percussion Caption Heads Announced 

Crossmen have announced who will lead the brass, visual, and percussion captions for the 2014 season.  "Crossmen are pleased to announce ...."  Click here to read more

Crossmen Make 2014 Design Team Announcements

Crossmen announced this week that in 2014 Ed Devlin would return as Program Coordinator, Chuck Naffier would return as Brass Arranger, and Mike Hardiek would join the team as Drill/Visual Designer. Click here to read more

Crossmen Director Fred Morrison Receives DCI Award

Fred Morrison, Crossmen Executive Director was recently recognized as the Drum Corps International Director of the Year. Presented in Indianapolis... Click To Read More .

2013 "Protest" Tour Blog Underway!

Get your daily dose of Crossmen tour news by clicking on the blog link at the top of the home page or the logo to the left! Follow the corps and get the insider view from the director's point of view.

Love Custom Designs Team Up With Crossmen

"Love Custom Designs is proud to announce the sponsorship of the Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps from San Antonio, Texas. MORE

Meet the 2013 Crossmen Brass Team

"Although they have been working hard since before the start of audition season in November MORE

Meet the 2013 Crossmen Percussion Team

"Crossmen Percussion Captionhead, Tim Greene, assembled a remarkable team of instructors for the 2013 Crossmen in September MORE

Meet the 2013 Visual Team

"The Crossmen visual team has been hard at work since prior to the Crossmen eXperience Camps in November," MORE

Crossmen Announce 2013 Production

Crossmen Productions, Inc. is pleased to announce its 2013 program entitled, Protest. MORE

Crossmen Announce 2013 Visual Caption Head

We are pleased to announce a new member to the Crossmen instructional team today", beamed Crossmen Program Coordinator, Ed Devlin. "This new caption addition to the Crossmen will bring an increased level of detail and raise MORE"

Crossmen Announce Guard Caption Head

Crossmen are pleased to announce their selection for Color Guard caption head.  The Bones Color Guard has been led by the outstanding direction of color guard caption head... More>>

Crossmen Announce 2013 Brass Caption Head

The consistent improvement of the Crossmen hornline the last two years is no accident. Crossmen are pleased to announce their selection for brass caption head for the 2013 season. MORE

Crossmen Announce 2013 Percussion Caption Head

Crossmen Program Coordinator, Ed Devlin, is proud to announce the addition of MORE

2013 Crossmen Design Team Announced

"The 2013 Crossmen design team is off to a great start. Preliminary discussions happened at the end of the 2012 season through this week. The first formal face to face design meeting is MORE

Crossmen Announce New Trailways Alliance

Crossmen and Fort Worth, Texas Gotta Go Trailways affiliate announce strategic alliance...MORE

Crossmen Pilot Flying J Strategic Alliance

Crossmen and Pilot Flying J Travel Centers announce new strategic alliance with multiple positive venue and tour impacts MORE

Crossmen Announce 2012 Hall Of Fame

Crossmen “Go Green” 2012 Show Announcement Coincides with Earth Day

“Journey with me to a true commitment to our environment. Journey with me to the serenity of leaving to our children a planet in equilibrium.”  
Paul Tsongas  

Crossmen are thrilled to announce their 2012 production, FRAGILEFRAGILE is an exploration of ecological issues that threaten our planet on a daily basis, and the ideal of hope for a rejuvenated mother earth. Music arrangements... Click to read more

My Dotbook Supplies Custom Fragile Cover for 2012

Crossmen and My Dot Book are pleased to extend their strategic partnership. Many thanks to Leslie Allard's company for a great looking and very functional product. Go to and order a custom look for your program today. Click on the photo on the right and get a good look at the possibilities! Order you Crossmen book by visiting the merchandise section of .

Crossmen Brass Staffer Wins Award

Great news regarding Crossmen Brass Staff member and Aledo MS Band Director, Ryan Johnstone. The press release from Phi Beta Mu follows:

San Antonio, Texas - Ryan Johnstone, Band Director at Aledo Middle School in Aledo, Texas was announced on February 9, 2012 at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention as the Phi Beta Mu Outstanding Young Bandmaster for 2012. Presentation ceremonies will be held in conjunction with the annual Convention of the Texas Bandmasters Association meeting in San Antonio MORE

Order your copy of the 2011 CrossmenTour DVD - "Renewal." The 2011 Crossmen Tour DVD titled "Renewal," includes interviews, rehearsal footage, and an inside look at the 2011 Crossmen Season. Join Crossmen as they travel 12,000 miles and perform in over 30 shows in just 60 days... Click here to read more.

Crossmen Drum Major eXperience

Contempo Leadership and Crossmen are eXcited to offer a great program for aspiring World Class Drum Majors. Come spend the weekend with Jim Jones Award winning, former DCI Drum Major, Kara Alvarez Calderon as she gives a clinic on the art of being a DCI Drum Major. Skills learned this weekend will help you in your home programs and you are offered an opportunity to audition for the Crossmen Drum Major and Asistant Drum Major positions for the 2012 season. MORE

Brass Staff Addition Announced

Crossmen Brass Caption Head, Jason Buckingham, is pleased to announce a new addition to the instructional team..MORE

2012 Crossmen Brass Staff Announced

Returning Crossmen brass caption head, Jason Buckingham and Crossmen program coordinator, Ed Devlin are pleased to announce the brass staff for 2012....MORE

Crossmen 2012 Visual Team Announced

Crossmen Program Coordinator, Ed Devlin, is pleased to announce the return of Paul Nye to the Crossmen visual team. For the 2012 season Paul assumes the role of visual caption head.... MORE

2012 Crossmen Percusssion Instruction Team Complete

Crossmen Percussion Caption Head, Clark Gardner, is pleased to announce that the 2012 Crossmen percussion instructional team is complete.....MORE

 Crossmen Announce 2012 Percussion Leadership

"Crossmen are proud to announce some of the returning members of the 2011 percussion team for the 2012 season," stated Crossmen Program Coordinator, Ed Devlin. Clark Gardner has.. MORE..

 2012 Crossmen Color Guard Staff Announced

Crossmen Colorguard Caption Head, John Leonard, and Crossmen Program Coordinator/Visual Coordinator, Ed Devlin are pleased to announce the 2012 Crossmen Color Guard instructional team. MORE


2012 Crossmen Design Team Announced

"It is with mixed emotions that we report that...READ MORE


Radio Interview with Crossmen Director Fred Morrison

Finals Week is Here! August 2011

Finals week is finally here and the corps is getting ready to wrap up another great season! There are several events to attend this week and hopefully the information below will help you to better plan your week! MORE

Crossmen Are Coming To Allentown!

Crossmen are just a couple days away from the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, PA. The corps has just confirmed its housing site for its stay in Allentown, and is excited to be back in its old stomping grounds. Come see the corps at: MORE

Crossmen Spring Training Camp Update

Crossmen 2011 Production "renewal" Announced

"We are real pleased and excited about the the development of our 2011 production", states Crossmen Executive/Corps Director, Fred Morrison. "My only direction to the creative and instructional team back in early October was that MORE

Crossmen Announce "renewal" of Website Along With 2011 Production

June 15,2011
The 2011 Crossmen renewal "includes"  a new look website. We are please to announce the new look for our website. The change compliments the vision conveyed by the 2011 production Crossmen are putting on the field in 2011. Our website is a living breathing representation of the corps and was due for a remake. Thanks to the folks at Asenz Marketing for a job well done.

"Additionally we are real pleased and excited about the the development of our 2011 production", states Crossmen Executive/Corps Director, Fred Morrison. "My only direction to the creative and....

Crossmen Scholarships at Record Levels

Thanks to the Crosmen Alumni and many others the Crosmen Member Assistance Scholarships reached record levels. Over $5,000.00 was distributed at History Night on Saturday June 12th. Thanks to the CAA, the New CAA SW Chapter, Denise Hammond, the Banegas Family, Morrison Family and many others for their generous support. This support makes it possible for many of our members to march.

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