Mike Hardiek, Visual Designer

Mike Hardiek will once again serve the members of Crossmen as visual designer. He  is honored to create for one of Drum Corps International's most historic and distinguished  ensembles. Mike is a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana and has been immersed in the culture of the competitive arts since 1983. In his 30 years as an adjudicator, instructor, clinician, and designer he has been blessed in overseeing many programs as they climb to the top. Mike’s Drum Corps instructional experience started with the Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps in 1988 and continued into the 1990s. He played a pivotal role as they rose through the Top 25 and ultimately established themselves as a perennial Drum Corps International Finalist. Starting as the baritone visual technician he soon proved his value and ultimately ended as visual coordinator before moving on to other opportunities. Mike believes the journey is truly the reward and we all create our future. He is committed to creating the leaders of tomorrow through the arts they live today. Mike is honored to call Crossmen his home. 

Mike’s list of professional accomplishments is not limited to the marching fields of summer. He has been honored to  serve as the visual designer for many esteemed programs throughout the United States. Mike has been privileged to win two BOA Championships as well as three WGI Percussion medals. Over the past two decades, Mr. Hardiek has traveled across the country to instruct the nation's best as they reach higher competitive goals. Currently, Mike serves as the Visual Caption Head and designer of the Homestead Spartan Alliance in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This incredible ensemble has been the five-time Indiana Marching Band State Champion and 2014 Bands of America Finalist, under his leadership. Mike has an understanding that champions are made at rehearsal and shown to the world during the performance. He is committed to providing the best instruction and design to his members. 

Outside of the performing arts Mike Hardiek is active in many non-profit organizations. Mike currently serve on the Board of the Mizpah Shrine Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Shriners provide the world’s best orthopedic and burn care to children around the world at no cost to their parents. This experience allows Mike to have a unique view of how non-profits work as well as how they interact with the community. He believes the ability to see one common goal from many angles will help him serve the Crossmen family far into the future. Mike understands a tradition of excellence is the best tradition to hold.
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