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Audition Fees

To attend a Crossmen eXperience camp there are two fees:

One Time Annual Registration Fee - $100.00
Texas eXperience Camp Fee (Full Weekend Camps)- $100.00
One Day Experience Camp Fee - $75.00

Experience Camp Dates

November 9, 2019 (Brass Only) – RGV Camp • Weslaco High School, Weslaco, TX
November 10, 2019 (Brass, Percussion, Guard) - Ohio Camp • Centerville High School, Centerville, OH
November 17, 2019 (Guard Only) - Florida Camp • Classical Preparatory School, Spring Hill, FL
November 22 – November 24, 2019 (Brass, Percussion, Guard) – DFW Camp
November 29 – December 1, 2019 (Brass, Percussion, Guard) – San Antonio Camp
December 8, 2019 (Brass Only) – Houston Camp
January 17-19 (Drum Major) - San Antonio, TX

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