Member Assistance Program

Help give the gift of a life-changing experience!

“Marching Crossmen has been a truly life changing experience for me. I have learned that anything is possible if I work hard and long enough at it. I have been able to push beyond any limits that I thought I had this past summer. The best part is that I have made friends and memories that will be with me all of my life."
- 2015 Crossmen member

What is the cost to the participant?

Each year, it costs over one million dollars for each Drum Corps in DCI to travel down the road. Our members are required to pay tuition and members fees that cover the costs of instruction, food, housing, transportation, equipment, and uniforms. With all of these factors included, the total cost for each performer is approximately $2,800 for the summer.

Of course, this price tag is not insignificant but the experience afforded to each member is invaluable. Your contribution will ensure that every individual’s membership remains viable and that each one can continue his or her affiliation with the Crossmen. The Crossmen will travel over 15,000 miles this summer entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the nation, while working to positively impact the lives of its members in a way unlike any other organization.

Two ways to help!
There are two ways to assist members with their required financial obligations:
- You can make a donation to the Crossmen to keep the membership costs low, or 
- You can contribute directly to the cost of an individual member’s tuition.
Your assistance provides:





YOUR CONTRIBUTION will directly reduce the financial burden on a member by reducing the costs of the annual tuition for the Crossmen. Member tuition includes all instruction, food, housing, transportation, educational materials, & equipment for the 12 weeks of summer.

Option #1 - Donate to the Crossmen Scholarship Assistance Fund

In partnership with the Crossmen Alumni Association, the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps provides need and merit based scholarship opportunities for our members. Members will fill out an application detailing their financial needs and our administration, instructional team, and Board of Directors will review theseapplications.

Your contribution to the Crossmen Scholarship Assistance Fund is Tax-deductible.

Option #2 - Donate Directly to a Member’s Tuition

You can opt to contribute directly towards an individual member’s summer fees, and help the individual of their choice to realize his or her dream. If you choose to sponsor a member, you may write a check to the Crossmen to go towards their fees, or you may make arrangements on an individual basis with this person.

Contributions directly towards an individual member’s tuition fees are NOT Tax-deductible.


Note: The Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps is a program offering of Crossmen Productions,INC., an IRS recognized 501-c-03 non-profit youth organization.

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