April Camp
April 25-April 27

Tejeda Middle School
2909 Evans Road
San Antonio, TX 78259
Spring Training
May 23-June 14

San Antonio, TX
Blossom Athletic Center

2014 premiere show
June 13

San Antonio, TX
Blossom Athletic Center

Calendar of Events


MLB Weekend and March Camp Wrap-up

Crossmen had another busy, but successful rehearsal camp the weekend of March 28 - March 30 at Judson Middle School in Converse, TX. The weekend included a performance of...CLICK HERE to read more.

January Camp Wrap Up

Crossmen wrapped up another great rehearsal camp this past weekend at James Madison High School in San Antonio. Despite some less than ideal winter weather conditions to kick off the weekend on Friday, the temperatures rose throughout the weekend, ending on Sunday with gorgeous.. CLICK HERE to read more!

Crossmen History Lesson

As Crossmen are set to march their 40th DCI Season, Charlotte Robinson dug up some interesting items from the Robinson Family archives. The photos show that the birthdate of the Crossmen originates to late 1974. Included is a list of potential names for the merger corps. MORE

Something eXtra Special From Crossmen

Crossmen Executive Director, Fred Morrison promotes an exciting program offering of Crossmen. The formal addition of our entertainment program will make something eXtra special available for corporate events in Texas. MORE

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