February Rehearsal Camp Wrap-Up

Crossmen had another successful rehearsal camp on February 28 - March 2 at James Madison High School in San Antonio. Goals for the weekend included further development of the music and visual technique program, as well as piecing together another segment of the 2014 production.

On Sunday, the music ensemble (Brass, Battery, Front Ensemble) rehearsed all of the music completed to date, with the final segment to be finished by next camp. Fred Morrison, Executive Director said "Crossmen are off to an exciting start for our 40th anniversary season. We are thrilled with the development of the show thus far - if this music doesn't reach out and grab you, I don't know what will!"

In addition to the World Class instructional staff, Visual designer Mike Hardiek was in attendance to get a feel for how the corps operates. "This weekend I learned a lot about how the [Crossmen] 'machine' works," said Mike. "It will show in the drill - it is an honor to be part of Crossmen!"
The weekend was also highlighted by the first ever Cymbal eXperience camp, an offering of the new "Crossmen Signature Educational Series" initiative. Staying true to the mission of the organization, this initiative focuses on education - offering participants a truly unique eXperience! Eight performers participated in a weekend long master class in cymbal playing and technique.

The next rehearsal camp for Crossmen is scheduled for March 28 - March 30 in San Antonio. Stay tuned for a formal show announcement and updates on the progress of this 40th anniversary season!
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