Erin England - Movement Specialist /Choreographer

Erin was introduced to the pageantry arts while studying at the University of Georgia. Her first experience performing in winterguard was with the 2004 Study cast. Her immediate captivation with the activity led her to pursue further experiences performing with Ad Astra per Aspera in 2005, Phantom Regiment Winterguard in 2007, Pride of Cincinnati in 2008, and Northeast Independent in 2010. Her marching drum corps experience began in 2004 and ended 2007, completing all four seasons with Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps.

As an instructor, Erin has taught at various high schools in the Atlanta area, including a 6-year stay at McEachern High School where she revitalized the winterguard program and led them to a “AA Championship” within the local circuit in 2013, as well as in their first WGI Regional appearance in 10 years. Her drum corps teaching experience began in 2008 with the Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps. She has been working with the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps since 2013 and is thrilled to announce she will be returning to the organization in 2016!

At a collegiate level, Erin has been working with the Georgia State University Colorguard and Winterguard programs since Fall 2013. She was ecstatic for the program’s success as Independent Class IA Champions in 2014 and is looking forward to a successful season this fall. This winter Erin can be found teaching dance to high school and college winter programs beyond the Atlanta area and will join the Paramount Winterguard organization for a fourth season. Outside of the pageantry arts, Erin is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on Dance at Kennesaw State University and is currently a member of the KSU Dance Company.
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