We welcome all those who are interested, to attend one of our Crossmen eXperience camps. These eXperience weekends help all performers from the novice player to a veteran member. 
While we would like to accept all applicants to our eXperience and audition camps, there are a few eligibility guidelines that the Crossmen Drum Corps follow:
  • All applicants must at least be a freshman in high school
  • All those under the age of 18 must have their parents permission to attend.
  • Applicants who still have an outstanding balance with another DCI organization may not become a member of Crossmen until their balance is paid off. 
  • The age limit for Crossmen and all drum corps within Drum Corps International (DCI) is 21. However, a member who turns 22 on or after June 1st is eligible to march that summer.
We invite all those who are not yet high school freshman to attend our eXperience Day in the month of June during our Spring Training. Please check back for more information!

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