2019 Instrument Sales!

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Crossmen Productions still have a small inventory of 2018 brass, percussion, and electronic equipment available for sale! 

Featured Instruments:

2018 season- YBB-202MSWC- Silver Marching Tubas- SALE PRICE- $3,750!


1- Yamaha 2.5 Octave piccolo Xylophone with adapters and case- $900.00

4.5-octave marimbas, Gong carts, and speaker carts!

1- Yamaha TF-5 32 channel digital mixer with cover-  $2,800.00
2 - Yamaha C215V Speakers - $600.00 each

Email us for information on our speaker carts, Power amps, and wireless microphones!

Our used brass equipment has been serviced, sonic cleaned and comes with a new mouthpiece. These instruments are perfect for the musician or instructor looking for a professional level instrument for an outstanding price! 

Have any questions? Send an email to Sales@Crossmen.org for more information on this amazing equipment!


Thank you for your interest in purchasing instruments from the Crossmen! All instruments were previously used by a Crossmen performing ensemble. Each brass instrument is sonic-cleaned and serviced in preparation for sale - which means they play like new! Crossmen have some of the best prices around. For more information on pricing and availability, please email us at sales@crossmen.org 

Crossmen have the following instruments for sale:

Brass Instruments

*All brass instruments sonic cleaned and serviced by a certified technician and include a new mouthpiece and case!

Trumpets - Yamaha "Xeno" YTR-8345IIRS 

Mellophones - Yamaha YMP-204MS 

Trombones - Yamaha YSL-448G w/F-attachment - SOLD OUT!

Bass Trombone - Yamaha YBL-421G - SALE PENDING

Bass Trombone - Yamaha YBL-830 Xeno 

Marching Baritones - Yamaha YBH-301MS 

Marching Euphoniums - Yamaha YEP-202MS 

Marching Tubas - Yamaha YBB-202 MSWC

2018 season Marching Tubas - Yamaha YBB-202 MSWC-  Ask about our sale price!

Percussion Instruments

Xylophone (Piccolo) - Yamaha Acoustalon, 2.5 octave w/case and adapter, MXL-32AF

Xylophone - Yamaha Acoustalon, 3.5 octave, YXRD-500FC 

Marimbas - Yamaha Acoustalon, 4.3 octave, YMRD 2400C 2 left!

Marimbas - Yamaha Acoustalon, 4.5 octave, YMRD 2900AC - 2 left!

Vibraphones - Yamaha Gold Key, 3 octave, YVRD 2700C - 3 left!

Glockenspiel - Yamaha, 3.3 octave w/soft case, YGRD 2500C 

Concert Bass Drum- 40" CB-8000- (With or without Pageantry Innovations cart)- 2 left!

Drumset - Yamaha Stage Custom, Birch

Drumset - Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

"Impact" Drum - Yamaha Stage Custom Birch, 20" x 17" - 3 available!

Custom Taiko Drum with stand-  - 1 left!

Electronic Pro Audio Equipment 

*Complete audio/speaker/amp packages w/cabling and field carts are available!

Digital Mixing Console - Yamaha, TF5, 48-channel mixer - 1 available!

Digital Wireless Lavalier System, Sennheiser EW D1-ME2, with Bodypack Transmitter, ME2 Omnidirectional Clip-on Mic, and Receiver - 2.4GHz

Synthesizer - Yamaha, Montage 7

Electronic Cymbal Pad - Yamaha, 13" three-zone, PCY135 - 1 left!

Electronic Drum Pad - Yamaha, 8.5" single-zone, TP65 - 4 left!

Speakers - Yamaha, C215V, Club VC Series, Dual 15" with Spray Finish - 2 remaining!

Field Carts/Frames

Enclosed Synth/Keyboard Cart - Pageantry Innovations, KC-35SSBF 

Enclosed Mixer Cart - Pageantry Innovations, MC-20BF, w/8-pole Speakon connections (Custom built for the Crossmen)

Drum Kit Cart - Pageantry Innovations, DK-20 -

Double Speaker Cart - Pageantry Innovations, SC-20 - 2 left!

Full Range Speaker Cart - Pageantry Innovations, SC-30 

Gong Cart - Pageantry Innovations - 1 left!

TT-10 Mini Tray Table- Pageantry Innovations - 1 left!

TT-20 Mini Tray Table- Pageantry Innovations - 1 left!


DSI 6' Command Center Podium (Black) w/Transport package  - 1 left!

DSI 6' Space Saver Ladder Podium (Black) - 3 left!

DSI 52" Podium (Black)  - 1 left!

Jarvis 42" Model 7 Podium [28" x 28" Platform] (Black) - 1 left!

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