Thank you for your interest in purchasing instruments from Crossmen! All instruments were previously used by the Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps. Each instrument is chem-cleaned and serviced in preparation for sale - which means they play like new! Crossmen have some of the best prices around. For more information on pricing and availability, please contact Fred Morrison at 210.860.8228, or email us at  

Crossmen have the following instruments for sale:

Brass Instruments

All brass instruments sonic cleaned and serviced by a certified technician and include a new mouthpiece and case!

Flugelhorns - Yamaha YFH-631 GS 

Trumpets - Yamaha "Xeno" YTR-8345 RGS

Mellophones - Yamaha YMP-204 MS - SOLD OUT!

Marching Baritones - Yamaha YBH-301 MS - SOLD OUT!

Marching Euphoniums - Yamaha YEP-202 MS - 3 available!

Marching Tubas - Yamaha YBB-202 MSWC

Percussion Instruments

Xylophone (Piccolo) - Yamaha Acoustalon, 2.5 octave w/case, MXL-32AF - SOLD OUT!

Marimbas - Yamaha Acoustalon, 4.3 octave, YMRD 2400C - SOLD OUT!

Marimbas - Yamaha Acoustalon, 4.5 octave, YMRD 2900AC

Vibraphones - Yamaha Gold Key, 3 octave, YVRD 2700C - SOLD OUT!

Drumset - Yamaha Oak Custom - 1 available!

Drumset Kick Drum - Yamaha Stage Custom Birch (Red), 20" x 17", BBD-620U - 4 available!

Electronic Pro Audio Equipment

Digital Mixing Console - Yamaha, TF5, 48-channel mixer - SOLD OUT!

Digital Mixing Console - Yamaha, 01V96, 16-channel Digital mixer - SOLD OUT!

Synthesizer - Yamaha, S90 XS, 88-key, Balanced, Weighted - 1 left!

Synthesizer - Yamaha, MOX8, 88-key, Weighted  - SOLD OUT!

Synthesizer - Yamaha, Motif XS7, 76-key - 1 left!

Electronic Cymbal Pad - Yamaha, 13" three-zone, PCY135 - 3 left!

Electronic Drum Pad - Yamaha, 8.5" single-zone, TP65 - 5 left!

Power Amplifier - Yamaha, P7000S - SOLD OUT!

Speakers - Yamaha, C115V, Club VC Series, 15" with Spray Finish - SOLD OUT!

Speakers - Yamaha, C215V, Club VC Series, Dual 15" with Spray Finish  - SOLD OUT!

Subwoofers - Yamaha, CW218V, Club VC Series, 18" with Spray Finish - SOLD OUT!


DSI 6' Command Center Podium (Black) -  1 left!

Jarvis 42" Model 7 Podium [28" x 28" Platform] (Black) - 1 left!


Purchase a Crossmen instrument today!

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