February Camp Round-up

The Crossmen Drum Corps, from San Antonio, TX, met and rehearsed this past weekend at Robert E. Lee High School.  The weather was a bit cool, hovering at about 60º throughout the weekend.  However, this did not stop the staff from teaching the members outdoors.  This weekend was special as design team member and brass arranger Chuck Naffier was in attendance, as was design and brass consultant Al Chez.  

In a letter addressed to the members after the camp, Chuck wrote, "As I get back to the Monday morning routine of reflection, communication and revision, I just 
wanted to take a moment to let you all know what a fantastic weekend I believe we just had together!" He later went on to say, "I am THRILLED with where the Crossmen are right now...I'll see you at March Camp, with the entire show ready to be played by all sections."  The Crossmen have one of their largest returning vet classes in years. This is greatly due to the direction and teaching of Brass Caption Head Jason Buckingham. 

The months are moving fast, and with "move-ins" just a couple months away, the corps is excitedly preparing for the summer. Executive Director Fred Morrison spoke briefly about the 2012 tour schedule, which can be found here http://www.crossmen.org/tour-calendar-crossmen. "We are returning to a lot of familiar shows... ours fans want us there, so we will be there."  The current schedule kicks off with exhibition performances in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.  The tour goes on to show the Crossmen performing 32 other times along their eight week tour.  This is a season you do not want to miss. Tickets to select shows can be purchased by going to http://www.crossmen.org/box-office. Purchases made through the Crossmen benefit the corps. 

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