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      Crossmen 2011 Production "Renewal" Announced

Crossmen is thrilled to announce their 2011 program, "Renewal".
The repertoire includes:

Episode:Prelude by Nando Lauria

Spinning Wheel by David Clayton Thomas

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Back Home by Nando Lauria

by Chuck Naffier

"We are real pleased and excited about the the development of our 2011 production", states Crossmen Executive/Corps Director, Fred Morrison. "My only direction to the creative and instructional team back in early October was that Crossmen be part of the solution and engage our audience with great accessible music and that we play and march well." The DCI community has spoken about how we need to re-engage our audiences. Crossmen want to be part of the solution that the ongoing September Cesario initiative proposes. Let's entertain!

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