Welcome to Club Unity!

Club Unity is the annual membership program offering of the Crossmen. By becoming a member you will assist in the growth and development of the Crossmen Drum Corps as well as new program offerings of Crossmen Productions, Inc.

Your contribution directly helps offset the costs associated with the operations of the corps.

More importantly, your involvement has a profound impact on the lives of others! Help us create memorable moments and assist us in the continuation of our deeply held traditions. 

Your Membership

Each year, it costs over one million dollars for the drum corps to travel down the road. Our members are required to pay tuition, camp fees, as well as other fees that cover transportation, instruction, food, and housing. With all of these factors included, the total pay cost for each performer is approximately $3,100 for the year.

Tuition covers approximately 40% of the actual costs. The balance is raised by Crossmen, a 501(c)(3) non-profit through corporate sponsorship, appearance fees, merchandise sales, charitable 
gifts, and contributions such as yours.

Your membership provides Uniforms, Nutrition, Instruments, Equipment, Transportation, Instruction, and the development of new programs.

How to Join Club Unity

You can join one of our six levels of Club Unity.  Contributions are tax deductible and as a donor, you will receive an acknowledgment letter for your tax records.

Donation levels are listed below however, we accept contributions in any amount. You may also choose to waive your premiums if you desire by indicating on our form below.  

Club Unity
If you would like to donate an amount not listed below please use our "Custom Donation" and enter a complete dollar amount in the box provided. 

Thank you for your contribution!

Leadership Circle
US$2,400.00 ex Tax  

Spirit of Crossmen
US$1,200.00 ex Tax  

US$600.00 ex Tax  

US$300.00 ex Tax  

US$150.00 ex Tax  

US$75.00 ex Tax  

Custom Donation
Please enter the dollar amount of your donation (in whole dollars, no cents) then click "Add Donation to Cart"

US$1.00 ex Tax  

Donation Amount:   

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