The Charlotte Robinson Memorial Capital Campaign

In the last couple weeks of the 2019 season, Fred Morrison had the honor of telling the Crossmen members the story of Charlotte and Robby Robinson and their impact on the Crossmen throughout our 45 years of history. From Allentown on, each performance was #ForCharlotte . Each day had deep meaning and value that went beyond our incredible production.

Charlotte and Robby were instrumental in the growth of the Crossmen Drum Corps from 1974 into the 1980's and beyond. If you ask any member from that era about Charlotte's influence, they will talk about how their drum corps "Mom" was such a positive and loving influence in their lives.

On Saturday, September 21, Charlotte's family will hold a celebration of her life. They are asking in lieu of flowers and other gifts, that friends and family give to Crossmen's new capital campaign.

As we mourn the loss of this wonderful woman, our community has expressed their desire to honor her in the greatest way we can as a whole - to supply a NEW food truck to the next 40 years of Crossmen. What better way to thank our Crossmen Mom and her great legacy than to PROVIDE to the next generations of Crossmen?

GOAL: $350,000 by August 31, 2020

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