Meet our New Drum Major, Aaron Thomas

Crossmen are excited to announce the newest addition to the drum major team for the 2015 season! Joining veteran members, Caitlin Hall and Spencer Holyoak, the January Experience Camp & Audition saw close to 30 drum majors auditioning for a spot to be the next Crossmen Drum Major. There were many talented people to choose from, but after the weekend camp Aaron Thomas from Sachse High School in Sachse, TX was chosen to be the third Drum Major for the 2015 season!

"Part of the process is making sure the next drum major has credible skills, because it is a very different skill set than anyone else in the drum corps. However, it is also finding someone that is a Crossmen, somebody that fits in with the corps and that man is definitely Aaron." said Kara Alvarez-Calderon from Contempo Leadership

Crossmen would like to thank Kara Alvarez-Calderon and Contempo Leadership for continuing to transform our members into great leaders and drum majors. 

"We are really comfortable with Kara's process, the way she takes care of business, everyone comes away from this thing knowing how to be a drum major. So if there were no applicants selected, everyone will still walk away with information that will serve them well," said Fred Morrison, Executive Director.  

Aaron will join Crossmen veteran drum majors Caitlin Hall and Spencer Holyoak for the 2015 season. Be on the look out for an interview with Aaron at our next rehearsal camp!

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