2015 Brass & Visual Staff Announcements

With the first Crossmen eXperience camp of 2015 just ten days away, Crossmen announced this week both the brass and visual educational teams for this season. Led by Anthony Cruddas (Brass) and Brad Slusarczyk (Visual), these instructors are some of the finest educators in the marching arts activity.

While most of the visual staff from last season returns to the team in 2015, there are several key figures joining the brass staff. Returning staff member Bill Hawkes has been appointed to the role of Assistant Brass Caption Head, joining Ensemble Specialist Jarrett Lipman, Pedagogy Coordinator Bill Muter, High Brass Coordinator Dennis Laorenza, Lead Technician/Low Brass Coordinator Tim Leonelli with consultants Al Chez, Levi Chavis, Chad Pence, and Frank Williams rounding out the brass leadership. Other new additions to the returning brass team include Jamie Bennett, Evan Berry and Conrad Isenhour.
“There are some really fantastic teachers and instructors joining the Crossmen team for 2015," said Fred Morrison, Executive Director. “We are particularly encouraged by the inclusion of so many Texas-based educators this season. There is no doubt that marching band is "bigger" in Texas. To have so many folks from our own backyard is exciting - combine these great teachers with the already existing staff from across the country, and the future is bright!"

For more information, including staff bios, click HERE !  

Anthony Cruddas - Brass Caption Head
Bill Hawkes, Assistant Brass Caption Head 
Levi Chavis, Brass Consultant 
Al Chez, Brass Consultant 
Chad Pence, Brass Consultant 
Frank Williams, Brass Consultant 
Jamie Bennett, Brass Instruction 
Evan Berry, Brass Instruction 
Conrad Isenhour, Brass Instruction
Dennis Laorenza, High Brass Coordinator 
Tim Leonelli, Lead Technician/Low Brass Coordinator
Jarrett Lipman, Brass Ensemble Specialist
Michael Loffredo, Brass Instruction
Amanda Marino-Stevenson, Brass Instruction 
Roger Marquis, Brass Instruction 
Bill Muter, Pedagogy Coordinator
Juan Nunez, Brass Instruction 

Brad Slusarczyk, Visual Caption Head
Carlos Gonzalez, Visual Consultant 
Nick Barnett, Visual Instruction 
Robert Blake, Visual Instruction 
Adam Chrobak, Visual Instruction 
Matt Dahlquist, Visual Instruction 
Rick Hanf, Visual Instruction
Tim Heichelheim, Visual Instruction 
Karl Koemmpel, Visual Instruction 
Tony Mencio, Visual Instruction 
Devon Schmidt, Visual Instruction

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