For 40 years, the Crossmen have enriched and shaped the lives of young musicians through music education and the performing arts. The 2014 Drum Corps International summer tour represents Crossmen's 40th competitive season. Follow along as Crossmen Executive Director and Corps Director, Fred Morrison, records the daily highlights of the Crossmen Alma Gitana Tour.


June 2014


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Crossmen Blog

2013 Crossmen Protest Tour

Day 38, Saturday, July 20th
Regional Day- San Antonio
Canyon HS, New Braunfels,TX

This place is packed! You can't see the upper deck from this angle but it is full also.
This morning I jumped out of bed before 6. The excitement of today is the motivator. I hopped in the Yukon and made the 40 minute drive to Canyon. Last night after the welcome home dinner, Rhonda, John, Maureen and I made two new protest signs that the design team want to add to the show for the regional. I also repaired the drum major podium sign by removing the damaged one and reapplying fresh base and Crossmen logo. We needed new logos for the guard bus that was replaced earlier in the tour and a few new folk's names needed to be added to the bus and trailer side.The vinyl needed to be cut for all.

After installing signs I went to my haircut appointment and then returned home. Maureen, Amy and I were scheduled to meet up with the convoy on 35 south of 1604. We joined the long line of the Crossmen convoy behind the Moblile Command Center and finished the trip to the Alamodome. The heat was pretty oppressive in the lot but that didn't stop hundreds of folks from watching the Crossmen warm up. The crowd was huge in the dome! It must be over 2,000 more than last year. They were ready for their Crossmen! The performance was the best of 2013 to this point. After the performance Dan Potter interviewed Crossmen Drum Major, Jordan Schock, for the Zildjian Field Pass, the Fan Network and the Alamodome jumbotron. After packing up the gear everyone went their seperate ways in smaller packs. Some to the stadium others to a local eatery. Ed, Maureen, Amy, Jaime and I went to dinner and discussed the day's performance. We felt good about things. the crowd definitely helped the energy! After dinner we proceeded back to the dome. Crossmen and Jersey Surf drumlines were scheduled to have a "DrumLine Battle" right after the Blue Devils performance. Crossmen supplied the DLB Arena. The stage it provided gave the teams a boxing arena and professional feel to the event. The Surf drum major and guard captain were sitting in their easy chairs surrounded by their comrades in drums. The Crossmen Battery were staged on the half with the Crossmen on the floor and Surf was on the DrumLine Battle logoed side. After the first round it seemed to me that Crossmen had the edge. After the stick drop by Surf in the rebuttal I wasn't so sure. The judges huddled up in the center and the DCI fan that was one of the three declared Surf the winner of the match. The teams met in the middle ans shook hands. It was just the environment we wanted to create. The DrumLine Battle initiative is to promote participation in DCI. Teams can be formed without breaking the bank the performances are showmanship first. Any group of drummers can make this happen and enjoy the experience. These groups along with Sound Sport can be the germination of more open class corps when the time comes. They have the potential of expanding the DCI participation base and increasing attendance at our events. With no age limit, no instrumentation limit and no travel mandate they can help us grow DCI while not changing what the drum corps do. They are perfect for our continued growth.

Crossmen load up and head back to Canyon HS at 11. Thank you Jaime and the Canyon Band for hosting us during our brief but exciting return home. Tomorrow we pack up and head for the Riverwalk from some free time.

Surf and Crossmen DrumLines "Battle" in the Dome!

DrumLine Captains confer as the judges deliberate.

Posted by Fred Morrison on 20th July, 2013 | Comments | Trackbacks

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