For 40 years, the Crossmen have enriched and shaped the lives of young musicians through music education and the performing arts. The 2014 Drum Corps International summer tour represents Crossmen's 40th competitive season. Follow along as Crossmen Executive Director and Corps Director, Fred Morrison, records the daily highlights of the Crossmen Alma Gitana Tour.


June 2014


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Crossmen Blog

2013 Crossmen Protest Tour

Byron HS Bears
Day 17 - Sunday, June 30th
Show Day- Rochester Regional Stadium, Rochester, MN
Housing- Byron HS, Byron, MN

We woke up in Byron to another perfect morning, mid 50's and dry. The landscape is rolling farm land with barns, silos and farmhouses perched upon each surrounding gentle hill. I dressed for mass and headed out in the van by 8:15. It was quiet and peaceful as no one was stirring except Petey and his crew of dedicated folks preparing the morning meal.On the way out of the school I saw the school mascot. They have a huge steel sculpture of a grizzly bear posed to attack at the driveway entrance to the school. It is pretty unique in construction as it looks like it was formed from flat plate with different small shapes punched out of the plate steel.

After church I found the mobile Crossmen community hard at it. Breakfast was over by then and all sections were hard at work in their designated areas. Everyone is up beat and full of energy as the conditions don't sap the strength out of you like the conditions we are used to at this time of the summer at home.

We had visitors today! Crossmen alums, Adam and Alie Farley, made the 6 hour drive from Kansas in order to see their Crossmen family. Alie and Adam both marched Crossmen and have taught the horn line in the recent past. Adam has piloted the Mobile Command Center a couple of weeks in the summers also. It is really great to see them both. They haven't changed a bit.

The convoy is our usual beehive of activity after ensemble. The members and staff have 80 minutes to get everything cleaned up, packed up, eat and get on the motor coaches. Butt in seat is 10 minutes prior to departure. We have been able to leave each of our housing sites 5-8 minutes early as the corps has really gotten their act together. They want to be remembered as the best Crossmen ever in every phase of drum corps. I love it!

The show in Rochester is hosted by our friends at Blue Stars. They hit one out of the park tonight as the line was long, the stands were full and they were selling standing room only tickets! The crowd was ready for some drum corps! Crossmen were on after intermission. The guard used their megaphones chanting to the crowd and folks scrambled back to their seats so that they wouldn't miss any of the action. Our performance was definitely our best to date. The color guard was on fire! We broke 70 tonight. This is earlier than last year. The corps is in good spirits for our ride to Mankato. We have less than 100 miles to go tonight so it is going to seem like we just got on the busses before we are getting off at the Waldorf Pemberton HS in Janesville. Sounds like a good night sleep with plenty of floor time for all.

Front Ensemble enjoying the rolling hills and the cool temperatures of Byron, MN

Jordan rousing the Protestors in Rochester!

Posted by Fred Morrison on 30th June, 2013 | Comments | Trackbacks

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