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For 40 years, the Crossmen have enriched and shaped the lives of young musicians through music education and the performing arts. The 2014 Drum Corps International summer tour represents Crossmen's 40th competitive season. Follow along as Crossmen Executive Director and Corps Director, Fred Morrison, records the daily highlights of the Crossmen Alma Gitana Tour.


June 2014


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Crossmen Blog

Crossmen Tour 37 "renewal" Day 23-Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Crossmen Tour 37 "renewal" Day 23
Sunday, July 10th Barker Middle School, Michigan City, IN - Laundry Day / Free Time Chicago

Ten hours of sleep on the floor followed by three hours of laundry time and a two hour ride to Chicago's Navy Pier for 5 hours of free time are the order of the day for Crossmen this Sunday.

Early in the morning,Crossmen Trainer, Ruth Aragon and I are dropped off at church for mass prior to the van taking Kara to the airport for a brief return to San Antonio for school business. It was nice to spend a couple of hours with Ruth talking about her plans for the future. This is her second year as our trainer. Ruth has done a great job helping our members get in shape prior spring training and helping them stay on the field as much as possible in spite of the occasional malady that pops up during the three months of corps summer physical activity.

The convoy, minus the tractor trailers and box truck arrive at the bus drop off at the head of the pier. It is pretty spectacular site seeing all of the equipment decorated with the Crossmen logo lined up along the island curb . People at the various outdoor eateries are noticing and asking questions. The membership make their way to their predetermined spot either n the pier, the park or in town for a sit down meal or shopping. The favorite choice seems to be the various establishments offering Chicago style deep dish pizza. Jaime, Joe, Rico and I split a pizza at Giordano's on Rush street. The four of couldn't muster up enough room to grab the final piece of the shared pie. There is so much cheese and filling I think I need to take a long walk to get rid of the fullness feeling. Joe and Rico head to a barber shop, Jaime walks to the train station to catch a ride to where the RV and convoy are parked and I march off to Navy Pier a mile or so from the restaurant. Along the route I see various staff and Crossmen members. A few of the members I bump into are heading to mass in the Chicago Cathedral.

On the pier there are many things to do and view. There is an Imax Theater, amusement rides, all types of restaurants and food booths.If you want to rent a jet ski or ride an offshore powerboat with 50 others this is the place. Inside the building of the pier there is a stained glass window display showing the various trends over the centuries and featuring the pieces from the Tiffany  Stained Glass Works. My last stop is for a Cherry Icee for the ride to our next destination. Over all this is a great way to break up the constant pressure of tour. It is now time to refocus and plan to get back to work in the morning.

The scheduled meeting time is 7:50 pm with an 8 pm planned departure. Some members and others are late to the rendezvous and we are 20 minutes behind on our planned departure for the first time this tour. There goes our perfect record. I am sure that there will be a few discussions with Joe and the others about how not to allow a reoccurrence. We pride ourselves of having a schedule to we can adhere to. It is part of the discipline we are wanting to impart to the membership.

Here we go! Four hours to Davenport!

Rico and Joe versus Chicago style pizza...the pizza won!

Welcome to Navy Pier

Beautiful Chicago Summer Day at the end of the pier.

Ferris Wheel on the pier

Posted by Fred Morrison on 10th July, 2011 | Comments | Trackbacks

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