Crossmen announce Winds design & instructional team!

This week the Crossmen announced the design and instructional team for the inaugural season of the recently formed Winds group. “It has been our philosophy from the start that this group should include many of the designers and instructors that are already in place for the Crossmen Drum Corps,” said Joel Moody, current Asst. Corps Director that will run the Winds group. “Ultimately our hope is that the Winds group will supplement and connect both performing ensembles from an excellence and educational standpoint.”

Andrew Markworth (Music Arranger) and Andy Ebert (Visual Designer) will write for both the Drum Corps and the Winds group. Tyler Edrington (Color Guard Designer) and Molly Favret (Costuming and Graphic Design) will also help create and consult for both ensembles.

In addition, Tim Darbonne has joined the team as visual coordinator.  Music instructors will include 2016 Crossmen Brass staff members Matthew Valentine as well as Caitlin Hall (2013-2016 Drum Major). Keller Shelton, a DCI alum and Texas Band director rounds out the instructional team. Rico Gomez, current Crossmen Assistant Operations Director/Tour Director will prove additional logistical and operational support along with other outstanding Crossmen Administration. More staff announcements are expected in the coming weeks.

Competing in WGI World class competition, the Crossmen will travel to both the one-day WGI regional events in Dallas and Houston as well as the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

Auditions will take place October 9th and 16th in San Antonio, with the first rehearsal on December 10-11th! Visit to register today!

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