Ebert to Join Crossmen Design Team!

The Crossmen organization announced this week that Andrew ‘Andy’ Ebert will serve as the Visual Designer for the corps in 2017.

Joining Ebert is virtually all of the Crossmen design team from 2016, led by Program Coordinator Ed Devlin. “We are excited to bring Andy on board for 2017,” said Ed Devlin. “He is well respected as a designer throughout the marching arts and most certainly at the drum corps level. We look forward to his work with the returning design team members from 2016, and expect great things in 2017!”

2017 Crossmen Design Team

Ed Devlin, Program Coordinator

Andrew Markworth, Music Arranger/Music Coordinator

Andrew Ebert, Visual Designer

Tyler Edrington, Color Guard Designer

Jaime Alvarez-Calderon, Program Consultant

Al Chez, Program Consultant

Rich Kim, Program Consultant

Brian ‘Bosco’ Brown, Program Consultant

Wayne Markworth, Program Consultant

Molly Favret, Costuming & Graphic Design

About Andrew Ebert, Visual Designer

Andrew Ebert is a full time designer and clinician for the marching arts based out of Greenville, SC where he lives with his wife and two children.  He has a degree in secondary education from Western Michigan University.

Andrew began his marching career with the Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps in 2000 and aged out of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps in 2004.  Following his age-out season, he joined the staff of the Carolina Crown.  Since 2005, Andrew has worked with Carolina Crown, the Madison Scouts, and the Troopers in a variety of roles.  2017 will be Andrew’s first year with the Crossmen, serving in the role of Visual Designer.

Outside of drum corps, Andrew has been a part of programs all around the country including state champions, BOA Regional champions, BOA Grand Nationals class medalists and champions, and BOA Grand National Finalists. Andrew is also involved in WGI Percussion, most notably as a Co-Founder and designer for Redline Percussion starting in 2008 and more recently as a member of the design team with Infinity Percussion.

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