Our Mission

Since our founding in October 1974:

Crossmen have enriched and shaped the lives of young musicians and performers through music education and the performing arts.

Family, honesty, perseverance, dedication, independence, interdependence and excellence are taught and practiced by each and every member at Crossmen. We are committed to teaching our members the life skills they need to succeed.


Crossmen Productions, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) education and youth development organization assisting young people in becoming outstanding individuals through music and the performing arts.

In October of 1974, the 507 Hornets and Keystone Regiment merged in the outskirts of Pennsylvania to form what is now Crossmen. Since then, Crossmen have grown to become a perennial Drum Corps International (DCI) World Champion Finalist, reaching DCI Finals 23 times in the corps’ nearly 40-year history. The 2015 DCI Season is the Crossmen's 41st National Tour. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Crossmen are the only DCI World Class Drum Corps within the Lone Star State. From our humble beginnings in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Crossmen have served thousands of students throughout its 40 year history, providing not only music education, but life-lessons to carry with them as they leave the world of drum corps for a future in life. In the fall of 2006, Crossmen moved operations to San Antonio from our former home in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Fred Morrison

Executive/Corps Director

Joel Moody
Assistant Corps Director

Maureen Morrison
Director of Corps Operations

Rico Gomez
Asst. Dir. of Corps Operations/Tour Director

Chelsea Stemet
Asst. Dir of Corps Operations/Volunteer Coord.

Claire Botting
Athletic Trainer

Willow Waters
Merchandise Sales

2015 Educational Team


Stephen Mason - Brass@Crossmen.org
Brass Caption Head

Color Guard

Tyler Edrington Colorguard@Crossmen.org
Color Guard Caption Head

Sheldon Apo

John Escalante
Movement Choreographer

Rick Subel

Michelle Owens

James Smith

Stephanie Chavez

Chris Cook

Erin England

Molly Favret

Coleen (Bonislawski) Maloney

Kara Markworth

Allison Mayer

Whitney Stone

2015 Programming

Ed Devlin
Program Coordinator

Andrew Markworth
Music Ensemble Arranger

Jaime Alvarez-Calderon
Music Coordinator

Mike Hardiek
Visual Designer

Tyler Edrington
Color Guard Designer

Al Chez
Program Consultant 

Rick Subel
Program Consultant 

Rich Kim


Andrew Markworth - Percussion@Crossmen.org
Percussion Caption Supervisor 

Josh Brickey
Assistant Percussion Caption Supervisor/Battery Coordinator

Nathan Ratliff
Front Ensemble Coordinator

Nicole Barnes
Battery Instruction

Frank Cummings
Battery Instruction

Jared Kortz
Battery Instruction

Dan Schack
Battery/Visual Instruction

Michael Tant
Battery Instruction

Lee Allman
Front Ensemble Instruction

Mike Bishop
Front Ensemble Instruction

Buck Palmer
Front Ensemble Instruction


Chris Considine
Visual Caption Head

Jesse Minor
Visual Instruction

Brad Donoris

Visual Instruction

Eric Considine
Visual Instruction

Daniel Aguayo
Visual Instruction

William Young
Visual Instruction

Chris Martin
Visual Instruction

Justin Seeger
Visual Instruction

Karl Koemmpel
Visual Instruction

Miguel Rodriquez
Visual Instruction
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