Feeding the Crossmen Drum Corps for an entire summer is no easy feat! The Crossmen rely on a number of dedicated volunteer and staff members to feed the drum corps 4 meals a day, every day! 

Providing these musical athletes the nourishment they need requires a lot of help and costs up to $100,000 each summer! 

Through this SPONSOR A MEAL page, parents, alumni, and fans can contribution directly towards the cost of feeding the Crossmen!
Your contribute is greatly appreciated and will be recognized via social media during your meal donation day! 

To get started: 

- Find out which dates and meals are still available on the calendar below. 
- Pick which meal you would like to donate at the button options below and continue the checkout process.

Breakfast: $250   Lunch: $300   Dinner: $400   Snack: $150

- If you have any questions please e-mail Maureen@Crossmen.org

Thank you! 

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