Program Advertisement Levels
Thank you for advertising with Crossmen during Showcase in the Square and MMX. Below are the price levels for participating sponsors. 

5000 programs will be produced and distributed throughout the DFW MetroPlex, Austin, and San Antonio areas during our events!

Full Page Advertisement - Back Cover (One Only)
US$1,000.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

Full Page Advertisement
US$500.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

Half Page Advertisement
US$250.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

Quarter Page Advertisement
US$100.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

Business Card Advertisement
US$50.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

Patron Advertisement
US$25.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

Patron Advertisement
US$10.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

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