During the eXperience camps, there are more people auditioning than spots available in the corps. Some first time attendees may find the experience overwhelming initially. To keep your mind at ease, we want to keep you informed of the audition process so you can fully enjoy the educational experience being offered and concentrate on your audition. 


  • Please make sure to review all information provided on our INFO and FAQ pages.
  • Once you are ready, go ahead and visit our REGISTRATION page to register for a camp. 
  • To attend an e X perience camp you are required to pay two fees: a one time $100.00 registration fee and a $100.00 camp fee. Once you have paid your registration fee, you will receive all necessary audition materials and an eXperience camp packet. Please note that the camp fee will increase to $110.00 after November 1st, so make sure to visit our PAYMENT CENTER to make a payment! All payments are non-refundable


  • Attend the camp and enjoy your time! Come prepared with material that was sent to you, have a positive attitude, meet new people, and take in as much information as you can during the weekend.
  • At Crossmen we do not utilize a traditional "cut" system when auditioning members.We believe each participant should fully enjoy the audition process. At the end of the eXperience weekend, you will meet with an instructor and be given a number rating of 1, 2, or 3.
1 = You are ready to become a member of the Crossmen, start planning your summer!

2 = You have great potential, we would like to see you work on certain aspects of your performance for the next camp!

3 = You are not quite ready yet to be a member of the Crossmen. You will receive instruction and advice on which areas to improve on, as well as recommendations on how and where to better your overall performance. We would like to see you at our next camp with the necessary adjustments made.

Remember, this is all about the experience! Have fun and perform!


  • Our Winter & Spring camps are where we set the corps and rehearse/prepare the production for the season. These rehearsal camps are held once a month from December - May.
  • Your attendance at these camps is very important! A lot of information will be reviewed during these weekends. If you have a school or performance conflict please let us know well in advance. Please make sure you come prepared and ready to learn!
  • There is a $100.00 camp fee for each camp. This fee will increase to $110.00 the Monday of the camp week.


  • If you receive a contract, please sign and return all forms immediately!
  • Make sure to being paying your dues and tuition! Information on tuition is provide below in our fees section.
  • Attend every monthly rehearsal camp prior to the start of Spring Training. 
  • Report to Spring Training at the end of May and be ready to experience an eXtraordinary summer of traveling, meeting new people, and performing!


Crossmen and all other drum corps rely on a number of sources to get down the road and operate efficiently. Donations, fundraisers, and members fees are just a few ways the corps raises money for its operations. Combined, all member fees and tuition only covers about 35% of the actual expenses during a summer tour, so it is important that all fees are paid on time! 


As stated above in the process portion of the page there are fees to attend or camps here is a quick breakdown of them.
  • One time Registration Fee - $100.00. After payment is received you will be sent all audition material.
  • Camp Fee - $100.00. This fee is paid for each camp you attend. eXperience camp fees are raised to $110.00 after November 1st. Camp fees from January to May will be included in the tuition fee of contracted members. After the December camp non-contracted members will pay a $100.00 fee for each camp, if contracted, the fees will be credited to camp tuition fees.


All tuition and fees go directly to the operations of the drum corps. While the 2018 fees have not been set, here is a quick run down on what the 2017 fees looked like: 
  • Tuition..................................................$2,400
  • Uniform & Equipment Fee....................$150
  • Spring Training Fee..............................$450
  • January - May Camp Fees...................$500
  • Total.....................................................$3,500
-Tuition payment deadlines are reviewed during the audition and contracting process.

-There is a $200.00 "Early Bird" Discount if the total amount is paid by March 1, 2019

-All Crossmen veteran members receive a $100.00 discount for each year they have marched with the corps.  
-Contracted members of the color guard will automatically receive a $200 discount.

-All fees are non-refundable once a contract has been offered. Partial fee refunds are available to members needing to terminate their contract due to injury. 

-Payments can be made via cash, check, and credit card at a camp or online.

-Scholarships and member assistance programs are available to help offset tuition costs. More information and details is provided during camps. 
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