Q: Where do participants stay during a Crossmen eXperience camp?
All members will be staying, sleeping, rehearsing, showering, and eating at the school selected for the audition. Members will sleep in the gymnasium of the school and shower in the school's locker rooms. Members are also fed meals off of the Crossmen food truck. It will be a full drum corps eXperience!

Q: Can I audition to be a drum major?
Crossmen and Contempo Leadership's Drum Major & Leadership camp will be held in the month of January. All looking to gain more experience as a drum major and overall leader are welcome to attend. More information and registration for this camp will be available soon!

Q: What time do eXperience camps usually start and end?
A: Check in for eXperience camps start at 6:00 P.M. of the camp weekend, and an introduction meeting at 8:00 P.M. Camps typically end on Sunday of camp weekend at 2:00 P.M. after our eXperience showcase performance which begins at 12:00 P.M. Satellite/One-day camps typically run from 8:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M and are subject to change. Schedules will be sent out to all registrants no later than a week prior to each camp.

Q: What is the audition process like?
For more information on the audition process please visit our info page HERE!

Q: Should I bring my own equipment or instrument?
Percussion - Yes, you are encouraged to bring your own instrument if trying out for the Crossmen Drumline. The corps instruments will be utilized during camps but will still will not be enough to cover everyone attending. We like to have all members on a drum if possible.  Please bring a practice pad as well. 

Brass - Yes, you are encouraged to bring your own instrument and mouthpiece.  Corps owned brass instruments are not issued out until the camps during the spring when contracts will be given out.

Color Guard - Flags will be provided to everyone. Some weapons will be provided to those who would like to audition for a spot, but feel free to bring your own, especially if you are driving to camp. Gloves are acceptable for spinning but not required.

Q: What should I wear to camp?
Please be sure to wear and bring athletic type clothing and shoes during your time at a eXperience camp. This will help for mobility during any stretch exercises and visual portions of the experience camp. Please avoid bringing jeans or other clothing that may be restraining. For those auditioning for a color guard position, they are encourage to wear black comfortable clothing that can used for dance and movement. 

Q: Do Crossmen provide transportation to camp?
While you are responsible for your travel arrangements, Crossmen do provide transportation to and from the airport and bus station.
Q: Where can I find out more information about the summer tour?
Information on our annual summer tour including travel details can be found HERE!

Q: Do I need to attend all experience camps?
It is not required to attend all three experience camps, but anyone is welcome to do so if they wish for a maximum educational experience. To be considered as a member of Crossmen all members must attend at least one experience camp and all rehearsal camps from Dec - May. Dates for spring camps will be posted soon!

Q: Where do my camp fees go towards?
Camp and auditions fees help with corps operations during the camp weekends. They help:
  • rent the facilities used during camp weekends.
  • purchase food for the 6 meals provided to all members during the camp.
  • bring in a World Class instructional and design staff to provide an amazing educational experience. 
  • provide the funds necessary for the corps to continue operating and carry out over four decades of tradition.

Q: Where do I sign up or make a payment?
To register for an experience camp please visit our REGISTRATION PAGE.
To make a payment please visit our PAYMENT CENTER

Q: I have never marched or auditioned for a drum corps, can I attend a camp?
Of course! Our eXperience camps are designed to help introduce drum corps and the audition process to new members of the activity. You will gain an education eXperience like no other as well as be introduced to a number hard working people known as the Crossmen family. Make sure you register today by visiting our REGISTRATION PAGE

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