Bryan Kendrick - Percussion Instruction - Cymbals

Bryan has been involved with cymbal playing for 7 years. He marched with Infinity Percussion Ensembles from 2013 - 2016, did two summers of DCI - one with Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps in 2014, and one with the Madison Scouts in 2015.

Bryan went on to go teach after he aged out. He taught Infinity's cymbal line in 2016, and is currently teaching the ensemble now. He spent a partial summer teaching the Jersey Surf cymbal line in 2016 and then spent the summer of 2017 as the full-time cymbal technician. Bryan resides in Orlando, Florida. He has taught different high schools and plays with the Orlando Magic Rhythm n Blue Drumline. He teaches private lessons to students around the country and runs an educational media group for marching cymbal players called Plateline Resource.
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