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Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece
Berp is the most efficient tool you can use to help you become a better brass player. It is designed to allow you to buzz your mouthpiece while holding the instrument in the regular playing position. It's simply the best way to practice.  

Retail: $21.95 
Connextion Price: $18.50

Proceeds from this purchase directly benefit the Crossmen Drum Corps.

BERP No. 1 - Horn
US$18.50   Quantity:   

BERP No. 2 - Cornet
US$18.50   Quantity:   

BERP No. 3 - Trumpet
US$18.50   Quantity:   

BERP No. 4 Euponium (small/medium)
US$18.50   Quantity:   

BERP No. 5 Euponium (large)
US$18.50   Quantity:   

Shieldz Trumpet Protection Kit

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Protect your trumpet from dents and scratches with this 2-piece Shieldz Trumpet Protection Kit! Shieldz are made from tough Polyurethane material designed to withstand rugged abuse, and will fit virtually any trumpet model.  This product helps protect the most at risk areas of your trumpet from dents and scratches to help keeping your instrument just like new!



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