Celebrating their 40th anniversary season, Crossmen are pleased to present their 2014 production: 

Alma Gitana – A Gypsy Soul 

Known as wanderers, Gypsies travel the countryside in the shadows of normal society. Carrying all they own in covered wagons, and pitching tents wherever they stop, the road is their home and a way of life. Exploring a diverse pallete of world music, the 2014 production includes: Bulgaria – Peter Erskine, Erghen Diado – Bulgarian Women’s Choir, Emmanuel – Michel Colombier, Zambra – Ojos de Brujo, Habanera –Bizet/East Village Opera Company, and concludes with a classic treatment of a Crossmen favorite, Caravan.

“Throughout our 40-year history, Crossmen have had several different homes, mostly in Pennsylvania and now in Texas. The product of a successful drum corps merger, there is no question the Crossmen history closely parallels a gypsy-like existence,” said Fred Morrison, Executive Director. 

Crossmen bring the mystery of the Gypsy Soul to life – setting up camp, experiencing and celebrating the beauty of the land, all before departing on the path to a destination unknown. 

“This production showcases a rich variety of ethnic timbres and textures, characteristic of central European heritage. It has it all – the passionate highs, the brooding lows, and the energy of everyday Gypsy life,” said Program Coordinator, Ed Devlin. “Crossmen are bringing their high energy caravan to cities across the country in 2014 – you won’t want to miss it!”
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