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2012 Crossmen Design Team Announced

"It is with mixed emotions that we report that Jaime Alvarez-Calderon tendered his resignation as Crossmen Program Coordinator this week. It was during the following discussions that Joe Banegas, Jaime and myself determined together that we had a great option as a potential successor," said Crossmen Executive Director/ Corps Director, Fred Morrison. Through this successor we could maintain the incredible momentum and positive direction that were able to begin during Jaime’s tenure and keep the 2011 design team intact for 2012 and beyond. Crossmen are pleased to announce that Ed Devlin has agreed to take up the mantle of Crossmen Program Coordinator for the 2012 season and into the foreseeable future. We are very excited to have Ed accept this leadership position with the Crossmen. He has proven that he is someone that we can all work with in a positive way and achieve results. Ed's first order of business was to set the agenda for this weekend’s design meeting in Dallas.

Returning for this season are brass music arranger, Chuck Naffier, battery percussion arranger, Lee Beddis, pit arranger,Andrew Markworth and colorguard designer, John Leonard. Al Chez will return as design consultant. Ed will continue in his capacity as visual coordinator and drill designer while setting the direction for programming in his new role with the Crossmen. 

Jaime has been a great friend. His many talents are only a phone call away. He helped us with programming for the last few years. Prior to that he was percussion caption head and helped as a consultant. This is not goodbye as he has agreed to help with the transition and provide any insight when asked. He has been and will continue to be a great asset and friend to the Crossmen.

“It has been an exciting 5 seasons with the Crossmen and a wonderful 14 continuous years with the Drum Corps activity." stated Jaime. "At this time I am resigning my position as Program Coordinator for the Crossmen Drum Corps. I will spend the future paying better focus to family and my career in education. To the current design team, I wish you the best with future successes that you will bestow upon the Crossmen organization. Know that everyone was brought here for a reason and the time is right to make this great."

"We generated an incredible amount of Crossmen eXcitement this past season and will continue to build on it." said Morrison. "My direction to the design team is the same as last year at this time. “Pick great music! March and play well! We will make this happen together. Ed is the perfect choice to lead the charge. Look for great things from the Crossmen in 2012!"
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